Aries New Moon March 2017


The astrological signs that govern our unique personalities are more than just that. When the Moon is in a particular sign, it can have great influence on our mental and emotional states of mind. To know how these phases affect you specifically, look deeper into your astrological chart. For now, lets look at how this New Moon for March 2017 will affect you generally speaking.

Aries positive traits are: Spontaneity, courageousness, drive, openness, adventurous.

Aries negative traits are: Selfishness, foolheartedness, vanity, ego, pride.

When you go about your regular routine this day and the few days that follow, be observant. Notice and pay attention to yourself. Which of these traits are you exhibiting? How is the New Moon affecting you personally. Sure, it is absolutely a time to put forth newness. Be aware though that it is not only time when YOU plant seeds of renewal, but LIFE moves in accordance to the cycles of regeneration without your help. If you find that the new Moon brings you things, people, experiences that you were not expecting, have a heart of gratitude and be willing to examine yourself and thank the New Moon energy for the opportunity to regenerate and re-calibrate.

The New Moon is the perfect time to carve, dress, and light a white candle and set intentions for yourself. What did you learn about yourself and your life that you would like to explore? This is the energy to make it known to the universe. Like little veggie seeds, now is the time to plant them, water them, and watch them grow. Manifestation may be yours by the time the Full Moon cycles back around (approx two weeks), or it may take many Moon cycles to manifest. The point is, that now the energy is here for you to be renewed, whether it happens expectantly or not.

Happy New Moon. Blessed be. Ase.


Dark Moon & New Moon Magick March 2017


I am a daughter of the Moon. As such, I am into all things Moon. This is something that needs to be clarified.

A Dark Moon describes the Moon during that time that it is invisible against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky. The duration of a dark moon is between 1.5 and 3.5 days, depending on the orientation of the Earth and Sun.

In astronomical usage, the New Moon occurs in the MIDDLE of this period, when the Moon and Sun are in conjunction.

Astrologically and magickally, the Dark Moon (Crone time) refers to the period when the Moon is not illuminated in any way, like it is currently (3/27/17 1:11pm USA), it is the period between the end of the Waning Moon and the start of the Waxing Moon.

Astronomically, the New Moon (Maiden time) refers to the midpoint of the Dark Moon, the time of which the Moon is exactly between the Waxing and Waning phases.


Astrologically and magickally, this refers to the very beginning of the Waxing Moon, when the Moon is again illuminated by the Sun; that very first Crescent of Moon in the Sky.

Many people these days refer to the Dark Moon as the New Moon. I prefer to use ancient astronomical definition. This way is more intrinsic to nature. During the Dark Moon, magick that is practiced is of the ridding, or banishing type. Typically when the Dark Moon is in alignment with Earth I use this energy to rid myself of unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and processes in an effort to ready myself for the New Moon that will appear approx two days after the Dark Moon. This Moon is the perfect time to practice Divination that will lend insight and illumination into what you should consider in preparing for the New Moon ahead. When it is indeed a New Moon, when the first tiny sliver of moonlight is shed, I perform magick that is in-line with newness, rebirth, and renewal.


What do you need to banish from your life right now under this Dark Moon? Poor health, financial challenges, obstacles of any kind? Now, under the Dark Moon, this Crone Moon, is the time to do away with the things and people that no longer serve you and are standing in the way of you totally realizing yourself. Prepare yourself for newness. Banish now under the Dark Moon, plant seeds of hope and promise under the true New Moon.


Magickal Herbalism: Comfrey Root


Comfrey Root (Symphytum officinale)

Behold my comfrey root salve! This baby ia always a friendly plant alli that gets us on the mend and on our way. Real herbal healing takes time. Herbs support the body to heal itself. Comfrey is a great one to help heal topically.

When any health issue arises in my family I usually am the one who is asked to help remedy the issue. I am known as the healer, for good reason. I won’t go into how I initially came to know that part of my life’s work was to realize myself as a healer. Once I did understand this ability in myself, I fell head and heart into the healing arts, especially herbalism, then later, magickal herbalism.

Most of my friends and family are not like me, or I am not like them. I mean, of course we have common ground that we meet on, but as far as magick, alchemy, and healing goes, I am on my own. So, when I get ill or have hurts and pains, I ask myself to heal myself.

Recently I started running for excercise. HAha! The thing is, I have said FOR YEARS, that I am NOT the running type. I contended that I am packing too much top and bottom to be pounding the pavement and shocking my joints etc.. Well, I must have forgotten for a moment that my words are spells. I must have lost my head and forgot that I basically “fixed” myself from being able to run as excercise because of all the years that I said that I wouldn’t. Fast forward to the early signs of Spring…

I was out WALKING about three weeks ago and noticed small signs that Spring was right around the corner. In my exuberance and excitement about my favorite season soon rolling around, I decided that it was time to begin shedding this winter weight! In an effort to jumpstart the weight loss, I decided to run! For the last two weeks, I had been doing a combo of swift walking and running… Well, yesterday I was over my sister’s house chilling and I got up to leave, and my knee gave me the SHARPEST pain that I have ever felt from any part of my body, and I have broken my arm as a child! Swelling quickly followed. I managed to drive myself home and ice the knee.

I immediatly knew that this was happening because of my new running regimen. I should have never jumpped into running, like I knew what I was doin’! As I sat on the couch vexed and in pain, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to stay this way, in this uncomfortable pain. I do not take prescriptions pills or over the counter pills hardly ever. Pills are not the first thing that I think of or reach for. I will deal with pain before I let Big Pharma get me hooked, or damage my liver with harmful OTC’s. Comfrey to the rescue!

*If you are suffering pain of any kind, please consult your physician. Also, Comfrey when ingested has been found to be detrimental to the liver. I do not recommend taking it internally. Do your research and decide for yourself. If you are educated and you trust yourself, good for you 😉

Known as knit bone, gum plant, bone set, and bruise wort to name a few. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), is the answer when we have pain, sprains, breaks, or bruises. The name Symphytum comes from the Greek meaning grow together + plant. 


Healing Properties & Application:

  • high in calcium and vitamin C

  • anti-inflammatory

  • high concentration of allantoin, a substance that helps promote new skin cell growth

  • can be made into an herbal oil or salve

  • can be made into a poultice

Apply to skin, for ulcers, wounds, bruises, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, swollen veins, gout, and fractures. It works like magick.

Speaking of magick. You are your own universe. The Forces of Nature are ours to manipulate. I like to compound healing and magick. If that is something that you have considered. Below are a few of the magickal attributes of comfrey.

You can plan to evoke a particular goddess when healing with a herb that is associated with her and seek her assistance for the healing. You can perform certain healings under a particular moon. You can concentrate on a particular Element when healing with a specific herb. Perhaps cary it as a protective talisman. Can be used in money magick. Use comfrey in a ritual bath especially before healing and love spells. You can burn it with mugwort when doing divination.

Associated Planet: Saturn

Associated Element: Water

Associated Goddess: Hecate

So there you have it. In which ways do you use comfrey? If you found this post helpful, LIKE it below. Until next time. Blessed be. Ase.