Oracle Card OTD

Balancing Act




You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions

This is a time when its important to address the areas of your life where there is discord. Are you fixated on getting your own way? Are you obsessed with one thing, neglecting essential matters that require your attention? Taking your own inventory is a necessary step towards re-balancing your life, and it’s the only way to reach a n equitable solution. Adjust yourself to the conditions of your environment that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily. If there is to be fairness, it must come from you. 

I hope that this sheds light for you today. Blessed be. Ashe.


Triple Moon Apothecary Current Products


Currently, these are the products that are in the etsy shop. The mini wish sweetening bottles are the latest and they are soooooo cute. Don’t let the cuteness fool you though, they are very powerful. The GlowUp oil is quickly becoming a fan favorite and it hasn’t been available for THAT long!

Take a moment to check it out on Etsy. Bookmark the shop. Tell your friends about it! Share the shop link on your social media and in groups. I appreciate the support so far. I truly enjoy doing what I do. The best part though is being able to share it with you.

Blessed be. Ashe!