Salvador, Bahia Afro Brazilian Culture & Heritage Tour Experience

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If this is your first time visiting Triple Moon Alchemy website, welcome! I am Loukeisa Denise, writer and creator. To learn more about me feel free to visit the about me page.

I am thrilled that you are interested in learning what the Afro Brazilian Culture and Heritage tour is all about! First, let me tell you a little bit about why I have created this educational and enriching tour.

Too impatient to wait and read why I created this trip?  Learn more about the tour and the itinerary HERE: Salvador City Experience: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Heritage with Denise Edwards

This blog Triple Moon Alchemy is all about magick, spirituality, and herbalism. I write about the magickal and mundane methods we can all practice in order to live a truly enchanted life. A few months ago here on the blog, I began writing a series named Indigenous African Spirituality. I wanted to write the series because some aspects of my own ritual practices have long included elements of African spirituality, and I wanted to learn more, and share that knowledge. As I researched deeper to write the series, my curiosity and desire to know more about ancient sacred traditions grew.  Out of that curiosity this educational tour was born.

The purpose of this tour is to learn about the history of African spirituality in Brazil and the indigenous spiritual practices that the African slaves carried with them to South America and how those traditions morphed over time.


The city’s historic center is famous for its beautiful cobblestone streets and colonial buildings in Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Deco styles. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1985. Catch the rhythm and feel the beat of tradition. Enjoy the beach town vibe. Network and get to know new people. From start to finish, Salvador will surprise you!

A few of my readers practice Santeria, and Lucumi and intimately venerate the Orishas. Many of my readers know nothing about Traditional African Spirituality. This trip to Brazil is an opportunity to understand the Orishas better without having to practice any particular religion, while seeing through the eyes of Afro Brazilians and the Candomble experience. Historically we have been taught to not only hate African spirituality but worse, to fear it!

The Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomble in Bahia, is based primarily on the religion of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, with influences also from Central African Bantu-speaking peoples, as well as from Brazil’s indigenous people. This tour serves to educate anyone who feels a strong desire to learn about African traditions that have been preserved in the city of Salvador through the centuries, and offers the opportunity to understand the legacy of the struggle for freedom and religious preservation.

To learn more about the tour and the itinerary visit the tour website HERE: Salvador City Experience: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Heritage with Denise Edwards