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Here is Merriam Websters definition for divination:

the definition of divination

Divination has been used in various forms since antiquity. Branches, stones, bones, nuts, shells, and so many more natural items have been and are currently being used to divine by diviners world wide. True diviners are indeed oracles of sorts and should be respected as such. There are of course charlatans, that’s true, and if you have ever come across them then you understand what I am saying. The ones that are truly gifted though can become a trusted channel to help enlighten your path and help you gain greater awareness of yourself.

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As many cultures are in the world, there are almost as many forms of divination. In this post I will shed light on some well know, as well as little known forms of divination throughout the world. Who knows maybe this will become my next series! Since this is such a fascinating topic, I may want to in a later post, break down each cultures form and the why and wherefore of each. For now, below is a list of various forms of divination practiced around the world.

Let me know in the comments below if a cultural breakdown of divination practices  is something that you would be interested in. I hope this list stirs your curiosity.

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We all are aware of Astrology. Astrology is a pseudo-science interpreting the supposed effect of the heavenly bodies on human existence. Astrology divination is studying these heavenly bodies to determine possible future events.

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Ah! The ever present Cartomancy. Divining with the use of cards. Playing cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, these are all forms of cartomancy.

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An ancient favorite of its time known as Geomancy which is the interpretation of the formations that fists full of soil, dirt or sand land when someone tosses them.

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Here is one you probably do from time to time, Oneiromancy. This divination is based upon dreams. Used to interpret a current state and give insight into the future as well.

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One of my personal favorites, Pyromancy. The art of divination by means of fire. The diviner observes flames, from any source, and interprets the shapes that he or she sees within them (salamanders). One of the earliest forms of divination was pyromancy.

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I am increasingly interested in reading tea leaves, also known as Tasseography. This divination interprets patterns in tea leaves as well as coffee grounds and even wine that remain in a cup once the beverage has been drank. So fascinating!

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My grandmother was practicing Austromancy and I didn’t even know.  This ancient way of predicting events, from observation of the winds. A balmy weather and sunny sky would imply that the gods are happy while arid conditions or destructive rain would mean that the gods are angry and misfortune is in store.

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Some of us may own several crystals, but have you ever practiced Lithomancy with them? Lithomancy is divination using rocks, crystals and precious stones of various colors.

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Maybe I have observed chickens before to determine if its going to rain or not. When doing so, I was practicing Zoomancy which is divination though interpretation of the appearance and behavior of animals.

There are many many more ways that can be used for divination. This is just a small list and a reminder that you don’t have to stay limited to the methods that you have always used. It’s important to stick with the methods that create a clear channel for YOU. However, if you want to explore other methods of divining, allow this post to be a “jump off” for you to dig deeper. You never know, you could find great contentment and joy using a new form to gain insight from the Universe. Let me know if you decide to explore any of the methods listed here or another kind.


Until next time. Blessed be. Ase.

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Sex Magic & Passion Energy


As I post this we are a week away from valentine’s day. Although I don’t celebrate valentine’s day, my family for sure celebrates what we’ve dubbed Love Day, which is the day AFTER st valentine’s day and lasts until…  As a family, we give one another sweet gifts that reflect the sweetness of the love that we feel for one another. My hunny and I are more loving and attentive with purpose during this time. As a conjure woman I get to work creating elixirs, oils, potions, and herbal bath blends weeks before you can feel the energy of what I like to call Passion Season, begin to raise. This year however, I am a little late on my potions. As I am only now gathering my herbs and botanicals necessary to craft a host of passion goodies for the weeks and months ahead.

Crafting herbal remedies for low libido and to strengthen love bonds is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. It important to stoke the fires of passion throughout every age and stage of life. As the saying goes, horny=healthy. Getting in flow with passion season is one of the best ways to begin, or fortify your passion/sex energy and get those juices flowing!

It is also the perfect time to love on yourself! You don’t need to be in romantic love in order to get in flow and take advantage of this energy. If you have been feeling down, or are single and in search of a mate, passion season is a perfect time to do magickal workings that tap into the power of passion that is so high and available right now. It’s time to get that yoni poppin’ ladies!


In this post I will lay out for you as many elements as I can that relate to love and passion. Use this information about these elements to direct the flow energy towards you. I will also outline a couple rituals that you can employ now to bring more fiery energy into your life to be used in any way you need to use it.


If we are honest, there are times in our lives when our passion flame is reduced to a tiny flicker. Could be stress. Could be lack of sexual confidence. Could be medication. Could be anything! Whatever the case may be, it is beneficial to realize that having a healthy outlook on sex is a key component to vitality & longevity.  It is well documented that sexual energy can and should be used for more than intercourse. This energy can be harnessed and used in every area of our lives. This is the same energy that will help to open your throat chakra and empower you to speak up for yourself and for your place in the world. Passion energy can do that, and so much more. A healthy sexual appetite will save ya life! Truly.  The Spring Equinox isn’t too far away. As Crone time (Winter) awakens to a new day, a new season (Spring), consider what you wish to manifest and begin now. Prepare to awaken your sexuality anew! Below I have listed several elements that you can engage with, surround yourself with, practice with etc. to aide you on your mission.

Gods and Goddesses of Love

Egyptian, Hathor

Known as Great one of many names, Hathor is one of the most beloved Goddesses in the pantheon. The love Goddess of Upper Egypt, she is considered the Mother of Mothers. She is the Egyptian Goddess of women, fertility, and childbirth. Invoke or evoke Hathor energy when you need to receive or give love associated with kindness and care taking. Also the kind of sex with your mate intended to conceive.

Yoruba, Oshun

Oshun is the Orisha of Love. Oshun is sexy and playful. She has maiden energy and represents a new start. The beginning of a new romance. Oshun governs natural bodies of water like rivers and lakes (including YOUR natural body *wink wink).  Invoke or evoke Oshun energy when you need a breathe of fresh air. When you begin a new romance and need to harness that flirty sexual energy that will help to bind you and your intended mate. Oshun can aide a long term couple to rekindle or refresh their sexual desire for one another also.

Greek, Aphrodite

Goddess of love, beauty, eternal youth, and sexual pleasure. Often considered the patron saint of prostitutes, Aphrodite was a bit of an enchantress. The word aphrodisiac is derived from this blessed beauty. Evoke or invoke Aphrodite energy when you need to look and feel your best to win the affections of a lover. Also, you can harness Aphrodite when you just need to ground yourself in your exalted feminine energy. Need assistance learning to luxuriate in your womanhood? Aphrodite can help.

Roman, Venus

The Roman Goddess of love, beauty, and seduction. She is The Lover. Venus energy is of the passionate and devoted sort. Venus energy can be noticed when we lovingly admire art, poetry, and music. Venus energy is very helpful when trying to find your life’s passion. Which direction should you take at this time in life? Evoke or invoke Venus to help you to find what you are passionate about and go for it!

Norse, Freya

Considered somewhat of a “party girl”, Freya may have gotten around. What can I say, she loves love! Goddess of love, lust, fertility and beauty. Freya energy can be harnessed when you have need or desire to be lusty and you want to give it all up with sheer abandon. Evoke or Invoke Freya energy when you want sex with your partner to be a somewhat spiritual experience. Hot and passionate and connected beyond the physical, this is Freya passion energy.


What is Love

Love is the element of Fire. No secret there! It is also the element of Water. This is easy to decipher if you think about it. You meet someone, you hit it off immediately, you feel a “spark” between you. This spark can be sexual, or simply friendly, but it is palpable. This is an example of Love as Fire. Love as Water is changeable and transient. We love multiple people at one time for example. This is an example of the fluidity of Love.

Love is ruled by the planet Venus. Friday is the day of Venus. Consider doing love, passion, or sex magick on Friday to further concentrate the energies. The astrological sign Libra is honored to be ruled by Venus. Are you a Libra? Would you consider yourself a good lover? Hahaha! Just curious. The colors of Love are green, pink, red, and blue. When choosing candle (s), any one of these colors is great depending on the exact intention of your working.

Allies for the pursuit of love

A few widely known herbal allies to help us with our Love crafts are: wormwood, basil, yarrow, chamomile, evening primrose, cinnamon, tomato, rosemary, lavender, and nutmeg.

Gem stones that have been used to encourage love energy are: rose quartz, garnet, moonstone, and lapis.

Flowers commonly used to symbolize love are: jasmine, acacia, chrysanthemum, forget me nots, bellflower, gardenia, red rose (if given with love intention).

Mortar and Pestle with Fresh Herbs over White

Here is a great herbal tea latte blend that has been used to help balance the hormones which will be like a defibrillator for your libido.

  • Damiana, is an herb full of fire energy that will increase excitement and desire.

  • Ginger, also for its fiery energy and taste! It stimulates circulation to the pelvic region.

  • Oatstraw, a nervine that supports sexual health by toning the endocrine glands.

  • Sarsparilla, helps regulate hormone production which boosts libido and sex energy.

  • Milk, dairy or nondairy

  • Honey, raw or not

Use equal amounts of the herbs. Use an inch of peeled fresh ginger root. If you have no fresh ginger, powder will work fine, just be careful to not add too much!

  1. Blend damiana, oatstraw, sarsaparilla, and place in your tea bowl, or mesh tea bag and place in your mug.

  2. Smash with the side of a knife, and add the ginger to your cup.

  3. Bring water to almost boil. Once the water is ready slowy pour over the contents of your mug.

  4. Place your hands over your cup and set your intentions.

  5. Cover mug and allow to steep for approx 20min.

  6. It is finished steeping when your mug is hot but not too hot to touch. Remove the botanicals and add honey to taste and milk.

Drink regularly for up to month to experience lasting effects. *Be smart. I am not an MD. I can only tell you what people have used for centuries to strengthen libido. Don’t use anything that would interfere with any medication you are currently on. Be wise.


Here is a love potion that you might want to try

Damiana, oatstraw, red clover, rose petals and cinnamon stick.

Place the herbs and cinnamon stick in a glass bottle or jar. Add raw honey. Fill jar to the top with vodka or brandy. Let sit for 7-21 days. Shake everyday. Strain into a different glass bottle. Store in a dark cool place.

Foods that have been known to be aphrodisiac by nature







If you enjoy cooking, think of a couple recipes that you can come up with that use any of these foods.


Give yourself a leg up!

When we are whipping our sexy into shape it’s important to feel sexy and sensual. Our intention and our ability to visualize what we desire go a very long way in manifesting what we want. A hot nourishing bath is a tool that I use to relax, focus, and get into my sexy goddess vibe. A good sensuous soak can get you open to experience pleasure. The Aphrodite Passion bath soak can ease your stress, and awaken you to your goddess self. A rich blend of organic botanicals carefully selected for the sexy goddess energy that they carry and help to evoke. You can find out more about  the  Aphrodite Passion bath soak here.  

The sweetness of life

A hoodoo honey jar craft is a great way to help your efforts along. Here is a video for how to construct a honey jar spell. It doesn’t matter what the intention for the jar is, the construction process is the same. You can see that video here.


Whew! I think I have exhausted the arcanum of Love on this one! Sheesh! I really hope that this helps! Use this time of Passion to ignite within you the spark that you have been missing. If you get inspired to do any of the things that I have laid out here tell me about it! I mean, I don’t need details lol BTW, have you ever tried chocolate beer?! It is fantastic. Yards Chocolate Love Stout helped write this post! 😉 

*Please always engage in safe sex practices.

Until next time friends. Happy Passion Season! May you be inspired to stoke the flames of passion for greater success in life! Blessed be. Ase.

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Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell

20161231_115238-1To sweeten someone or something to you. Hoodoo folk magick tradition. Basically the honey jar spell is about favor. To draw to you the favor of a situation, person, place, or thing. Think of the phrase, “ that boy is sweet on you girl.” When you read that, what image does that conjure? Do you think of a boy that has a crush on a girl? How does he act toward her if he is “sweet” on her? How does she act toward him knowing that she also is sweet on him? This is in essence what a honey jar spell is all about. Of course, the honey jar spell needn’t be only deployed when we want to win the romantic affection of someone. In fact, you can craft with a honey jar to sweeten anything or anyone to you. A court petition, a divorce settlement, money magick etc.

This sweetening that we seek is already present in the multiverse. Using a honey jar spell is simply caressing this energy to move in your direction. This can be achieved with sweeteners other than honey. Honey is my favorite, but you could use several kinds different sweeteners. I have heard of folks using regular cane sugar, syrup, or even candy bars as a sweetening offering. In fact, traditionalist might opt for a white saucer, sugar, and a candle in the center. I say, if it’s sweet, try it! Let me know how it worked out for you. I will stick to honey. Which reminds me, never be constrained by what you do not have to process a spell or ritual. If you want to wait to gather all that you think you need, do so. If you want to improvise and substitute some things, do that. If you have no correspondences at the time, do it anyway. Our intent is the most powerful of all the energies that we impose on a spell. Of course the curios have energy. Of course they aide the spell or ritual or whatever, but they don’t MAKE it. Have confidence in what you are doing and move on it.

Let’s continue…

Many sweetening spells are worked in a container of some sort but like I said, many folks use a saucer and no jar. I prefer a jar because I can see clearly into it. This allows me to consciously focus more energy on a particular aspect of the spell that may come to me at any given time when I gaze into the jar. Also, the jar lasts much longer than if I do the sweetening spell on an open air source. Lastly, I like jars because if you are a witch still in her broom closet, you can have a honey jar just sitting on your counter, or dresser etc and no one will be the wiser. If they know what it is, then you have nothing to worry about, because she/he is a witch too!! Lol

You can use any container that you wish. You can even use a coffee cup if that is what is available to you at the time. Use the table top if you have to! Its up to you. The spell is no less effective. It really is about you and your style and flow. As long as your intent is clear.

Recently I crafted a few honey jars for the new year. I enjoy everything about gathering the herbs, stones, and other elements that is to be place in the jars. I used many herbs this time. I used stones, I used an array of elements for their energy and meaning.


Below is a recipe if you will, of how to put together and work a honey jar spell. Feel free to add on and take away whatever you see fit to. You do not HAVE to use a candle if you don’t have one, or if you don’t want to. In fact some old school ways of doing sweetening spells made it impossible to even place a candle atop of the vessel that held the sweetener. This tells us that it is not necessary. As times change, so do elements of magick. New technologies, and new inventions etc. bring new or varied ways of performing certain workings. This one is no exception.

Gather a jar with a lid.

  • Honey or whatever sweetener you prefer

  • A piece of natural paper

  • A pencil or a pen

  • Herbs that have the energetic flow of what you want to conjure

  • Candle (s) with the appropriate color energy

  • Candle dressing oil

Optional: chewed on chewing gum, curios, finger nails, hair, menstrual blood etc. *NOTE: if you have no idea why someone would use these optional items chances are you shouldn’t use them. If you’re curious, do some research into bodily concerns regarding magick.

The formulaTake Your piece of paper. Tear the paper so that it is small but not tiny. If sweetening a particular person towards you then write the person’s name on the paper. If sweetening certain “forces” toward yourself, write your name and the attributes that you wish to sweeten your way. This is a good time to do a crossover and cover if you wish. Which is to say, your name written atop of person that you wish to sweeten toward yourself. Draw an unending circle around what you have just written. Lifting your pencil only after the circle is complete.

Fold the paper. Speak your petition aloud. Fold the paper again. Speak your petition aloud again. Do this three times. Pour the honey or sugar or whatever into the jar leaving a small space so that when your items go in, the honey doesn’t spill down the sides of the jar. Taste a bit of the honey and recite three times, “ as this honey is sweet to me so will love [money, the court case, health etc.] drawn be.”  Repeat this incantation 3 times. Add in all the items that you have ready to go into the spell. Many folks wish to breathe three of their breaths into the jar at this time. It is yet another way to enclose your own energy into the jar to further the spell. After you do that, place the lid tightly onto the jar. Sit with the jar in your hands. Spend a moment meditating on your intentions and all the goodness that you just did. Dress your candle with appropriate oil and place it atop the jar lid. Clean up your area. Place your jar on your altar or wherever you choose. Light the candle. Let it burn all the way out. If for some reason you must extinguish the candle before it burns out, do so by licking your fingers and smashing the wick between your fingers. Alternatively you can use a snuffer if you have one. Never blow your candles out. Be sure to shake or swirl your jar in between candle lighting as to prevent stagnation.  Over the course of time I continue working my honey jars by adding another candle when one burns down. I add a new candle to burn approx three times a week or more depending. Over time, after you begin to see the results, you can space out the candle usage if you wish. That’s it!

I have found the honey jar to be very effective. I enjoy creating intention capsules as I call them. Like a crystal, they contain an immense amount of energy and intention that just keeps amplifying and amplifying and reverberating through the cosmos.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below. Share with us all the pictures of your jars and how they worked for you. Also, if you like Triple Moon Alchemy subscribe. Share the blog with your FB friends, on Twitter, on the Gram, in groups and in chats!

Until next time. Blessed be. Ase

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/mJl87u8Gn6M