Oracle Card Of The Day 4/5/17

20 Flying


Screenshot_20170405-183532You have the power to see things from a higher perspective


If you were a bird flying high in the air, what would you see? When you soar above life’s challenges and opportunities, a new perspective becomes available.

Today you have invisible wings that allow you to swiftly bring your circumstances into alignment with your highest purpose. This is a sign that your waiting is over, that all your hard work has paid off and the things you hoped for are no longer beyond your scope. You have the ability to reach for the stars and find one with your name on it. Spread your wings and soar. The angels are waiting for you.



When you see the flying card reversed, it is a gentle reminder that there are times to take flight and times to remain grounded, and for now, you must avoid overreaching. There is still work to be done before you earn your wings.

Be patient. What you seek will not be out of reach forever. Remember the story of Icarus in Greek mythology, whose wax made wings and overconfidence brought him too close to the Sun? He perished because he didn’t realize his limitations. Humility is a great power, and now you must exercise it. Doing too much, too fast, too soon only serves to prevent a beautiful flight later on.

Oracle Card Of The Day




An open heart will hear the message 

When this card appears, you are being reminded that there is a time to speak, and a time to be silent. Now is an occasion for listening. Pay attention not only to what is being spoken, but also to what is not being said at the moment, for the deeper message is not always obvious. Listen with your heart, not with your ears, and you’ll find clarity. Receiving the Listening card is a fortunate sign and ensures a greater understanding of your circumstances.



Are you feeling that your not being heard-that perhaps your needs aren’t valid, that your song will go unsung? Now is the time to bring your message to the world. Speak up…it’s time for your voice to resound throughout your sphere of influence. This is a moment to say what you mean and ask for what you want.

In the Reversed position Listening has another meaning too. It also asks if you are refusing to listen to someone else, preferring to hear what you want instead of whats being said. This is a time to get out of denial. Reversed this card always brings freedom if you heed its advice.

Divination Forms & Witchy Insight

divination-triple moon alchemy

Here is Merriam Websters definition for divination:

the definition of divination

Divination has been used in various forms since antiquity. Branches, stones, bones, nuts, shells, and so many more natural items have been and are currently being used to divine by diviners world wide. True diviners are indeed oracles of sorts and should be respected as such. There are of course charlatans, that’s true, and if you have ever come across them then you understand what I am saying. The ones that are truly gifted though can become a trusted channel to help enlighten your path and help you gain greater awareness of yourself.

black and white fortune teller image

As many cultures are in the world, there are almost as many forms of divination. In this post I will shed light on some well know, as well as little known forms of divination throughout the world. Who knows maybe this will become my next series! Since this is such a fascinating topic, I may want to in a later post, break down each cultures form and the why and wherefore of each. For now, below is a list of various forms of divination practiced around the world.

Let me know in the comments below if a cultural breakdown of divination practices  is something that you would be interested in. I hope this list stirs your curiosity.

astrology divination image

We all are aware of Astrology. Astrology is a pseudo-science interpreting the supposed effect of the heavenly bodies on human existence. Astrology divination is studying these heavenly bodies to determine possible future events.

cartomancy divination image

Ah! The ever present Cartomancy. Divining with the use of cards. Playing cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, these are all forms of cartomancy.

geomancy image

An ancient favorite of its time known as Geomancy which is the interpretation of the formations that fists full of soil, dirt or sand land when someone tosses them.

oneiromancy image-triple moon alchemy

Here is one you probably do from time to time, Oneiromancy. This divination is based upon dreams. Used to interpret a current state and give insight into the future as well.

fire giph

One of my personal favorites, Pyromancy. The art of divination by means of fire. The diviner observes flames, from any source, and interprets the shapes that he or she sees within them (salamanders). One of the earliest forms of divination was pyromancy.

tea leaf reading-triple moon alchemy

I am increasingly interested in reading tea leaves, also known as Tasseography. This divination interprets patterns in tea leaves as well as coffee grounds and even wine that remain in a cup once the beverage has been drank. So fascinating!

lightning storm giph-triple moon alchemy

My grandmother was practicing Austromancy and I didn’t even know.  This ancient way of predicting events, from observation of the winds. A balmy weather and sunny sky would imply that the gods are happy while arid conditions or destructive rain would mean that the gods are angry and misfortune is in store.

lithomancy image-triple moon alchemy

Some of us may own several crystals, but have you ever practiced Lithomancy with them? Lithomancy is divination using rocks, crystals and precious stones of various colors.

impalas running giph-triple moon alchemy

Maybe I have observed chickens before to determine if its going to rain or not. When doing so, I was practicing Zoomancy which is divination though interpretation of the appearance and behavior of animals.

There are many many more ways that can be used for divination. This is just a small list and a reminder that you don’t have to stay limited to the methods that you have always used. It’s important to stick with the methods that create a clear channel for YOU. However, if you want to explore other methods of divining, allow this post to be a “jump off” for you to dig deeper. You never know, you could find great contentment and joy using a new form to gain insight from the Universe. Let me know if you decide to explore any of the methods listed here or another kind.


Until next time. Blessed be. Ase.

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