Isis Oracle Card of the Day

the-isis-oracle-alana-fairchild-triple-moon-alchemy-imageI got a new oracle deck guys! You may know of this deck, or even have one of your own. As the title of this post states, I am referring to the Isis oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. I am in love with the graphic images. The effort to make them look ancient is appreciated.

If you are unaware of, or have little knowledge of who the Queen Mother Goddess Isis is, ancient Egypt online gives a good summary:

Isis was her Greek name, but she was known to the ancient Egyptians as Aset (or Ast, Iset, Uset), which is usually translated as “(female) of throne” or “Queen of the throne”. Her original headdress was an empty throne and as the personification of the throne she was an important source of the Pharaoh’s power (as descent was to some degree matrilineal). However, the exact meaning of her name is still disputed. Plutarch suggested that her name meant “knowledge” but another possible translation is “(female) of flesh”, i.e. mortal, suggesting that although she was the Queen of the Gods, she had once been a mortal woman. The Egyptians highly valued family life and Isis was the paragon of motherly virtues. From the New Kingdom, Isis was considered to be the archetypal mother and was a patron goddess of childbirth and motherhood. As Horus was the patron of the living Pharaoh, Isis could be described as the mother of the Pharaoh. The image of Isis and the infant Horus was extremely popular in Egyptian art and it is generally accepted that they had a huge influence on the iconography of Mary and the infant Jesus Christ in the early Christian Church. However, while Mary is perhaps best described as a passive vessel who was not considered to have any power independent of her child, Isis was not only a mother, but a confident and skilled queen and a very powerful sorceress.

If you are a reader of my blog regularly then you know that I am ALL about the Divine Feminine in ALL her forms and incarnations throughout time. This oracle deck is yet another portal to connect with, hear from, and be guided by the Great Goddess.

The card that I have pulled for us today is the Mother Of Life card. Isn’t that so fitting!?

alana-fairchild-isis-oracle-mother-of-life-triple-moon-alchemy-imageMother Of Life, Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother

We can sometimes fall into existing and doing rather than truly living. We only know that this has happened when suddenly our life seems dry, depleted, filled with tasks or it feels that we are stuck in a rut or habit that may have been comfortable but has become stifling and suppressing. Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to restore even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances and people back into life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave, open your arms and receive.


Invocation To The Mother Of Life

I call to the blessed mother of Life

Gift me with boldness, courage and Love

Help me let go of the past

Help me surrender the ways I have shrunk back from life to protect and hide parts of me that were hard to deal with

Let me know the Fullness of Life, Love, and acceptance of myself and others

Let me just be with You, without pretense or hiding

Help me grow joyfully and be myself in the world

I accept your help, in unconditional love now

Life flows through me full and unique


I REALLY like this deck. I hope that today’s card resonates with you. Until next time. Blessed be. Ashe.

Oracle Card OTD

Balancing Act




You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions

This is a time when its important to address the areas of your life where there is discord. Are you fixated on getting your own way? Are you obsessed with one thing, neglecting essential matters that require your attention? Taking your own inventory is a necessary step towards re-balancing your life, and it’s the only way to reach a n equitable solution. Adjust yourself to the conditions of your environment that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily. If there is to be fairness, it must come from you. 

I hope that this sheds light for you today. Blessed be. Ashe.


Oracle Card OTD

In the past I have shuffled the deck and have drawn a card, then provide it’s message both in the upright and the reversed position regardless of how I pulled it. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I don’t do that when pulling and reading a card for myself, so why here…

Today is a new day. Whichever way the card is dealt, that is how I will present it to you. This way, we can have a real experience, and not just one for “show”. If you see it, then maybe its for you, just the way it is.

Our card today:


A true commitment is a responsibility of the heart, mind, body, and soul. This is a good time to make one.


Partnerships formed at this time are harmonious and powerful. The commitment card also indicates the natural evolution of a relationship from its inception to a literal or metaphoric marriage. At the very least, there is a promise of fulfillment in some form. However, you must be cautious of what your committing to. Be clear about the nature of your commitment and your responsibility to it. 

Others are more willing to enter into partnership at this time. Remember that your partnership with Spirit- and the highest version of your own self- will engage the highest self in another.

This spoke to me today. Did it to you? I have a few things in the works, and wasn’t totally sure that I was walking in the right direction. After pulling this card, I feel more grounded in my decisions.

What message do you get from the commitment card?