January 16, New Moon Insight

Today the New Moon is in Capricorn. So are six other planets. The Sun & the Moon are all coupled up in the mighty sign of Capricorn. Pluto…in Capricorn. Mercury…in Capricorn. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is in his house also. That means that Saturn’s energy is uber strong this phase. Venus…in Capricorn until tomorrow.


As always, the New Moon represents endings that make way for beginnings. A fresh start. All the dominating aspects of Capricorn will be present and active for the next four weeks. The most active time, the waxing phase, is when you really want to take advantage of the motivation that this new moon is offering. Power, intensity, compassion and love abound. This presents an opportunity for us all to be like the mighty sea goat and strive upward to reach our highest expression of our God-self.

During this time you may feel more compassionate and desire to cuddle and be cuddled. We may seek comfort and joy from our loved ones and want to spend more time with them perhaps.

The way that the cosmos are currently aligned is perfect for us to move through the steps we need to in order to accomplish the goals that we have set out for ourselves in this new year.


That business, that job, that new love etc. allow your passion to take you where you have only dreamed of before. Now is the time to claim your power and authority. Don’t allow fear to keep you back.

It is important to keep our focus on the future and on moving forward. Do not allow the thoughts and fear of the past to keep you back. Be the change that you want to see. Let the old habits and beliefs die to make way for the new you.

Capricorn is serious and studious. Chanel this energy for business endeavors if you usually find it challenging to get into the right frame of mind for buckling down when it comes to financial matters.

All in all the current moon phase is perfect for change, growth, spiritual enlightenment and newness. Go with the flow with passion and harmony. Let the strength of the sea-goat new moon help you get this happiness that you been striving for.

Look into your personal chart to see exactly how this new moon energy will affect you!



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