The Best of 2017


OMG. 2017 has been a great year. I will speak for myself, because I know that many folks had the opposite of a great year. With that being said, I wish for us all abundance and prosperity in the coming year.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few of the posts that have been published throughout the year. If you didn’t know, Triple Moon Alchemy blog was created last year at this time. I knew that the time had come when I needed a space to grow, share, enlighten and strengthen us all. This blog and indeed the Triple Moon Alchemy universe is very much a part of my life on a daily basis. There are many great things ahead for TMA and I hope that you stay around to experience it.

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Now, this list is based on the posts that I feel hold significance in moving our magic forward in helpful ways. If your favorite post didn’t make it to the list let me know in the comments.

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Top Posts of 2017

Triple Goddess: Maiden-Mother-Crone Part 1

Triple Goddess: Maiden-Mother-Crone Part 2 The Maiden

Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell

Triple Goddess: Maiden-Mother-Crone Part 3 The Mother

Sexy Witch Vibes Bath Soak

Sex Magic & Passion Energy

Triple Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone Part 4, Crone

Series: Traditional Indigenous African Spirituality Part 1

Abundance Drawing for 2018 & Beyond

Ritual Offerings to Deities

Making & Using Gem Elixirs

Forces of Nature, The Four Elements


Here are a couple videos that were great this year also:

Hoodoo Honey Sweetening Jar

Love Potions, Spells, and Herbal Infusions 

Happy 2018 to us all. Blessed be. Ashe.

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