Ritual Offerings to Deities


You’ve heard of it. You may even do it yourself. Leaving offerings for a deity of your choice. If it sounds strange to you, perhaps you don’t fully understand why someone would do it, or even why some make it a part of their regular ritual practices. In this post I hope to provide a bit of clarity for you.

Ritual offerings have been an integral part of many spiritual paths as well as religions for centuries. In fact, in ancient times it was more prevalent than it is today. Many rituals consisted solely of providing an offering to a particular deity and that was it. An offering is meant to empower by way of feeding a spiritual being and as an act of gratitude for what the power of the deity has done for your life. You can think of it as ‘powering up’ the beloved deity in order that she/he have the energy to accomplish the task at hand. Placing offerings are thought to also be a way to gain favor with the spirits. Spirit knows your heart. When you leave offerings, it is a tangible expression of the heart that you posses for a particular deity, and it is recognized and appreciated.

As a free agent magickal being you may be thinking, ‘i don’t worship any deity, I simply commune with or work with them.’ That’s fine, worship is not a prerequisite for preparing and leaving an offering. If you have an affinity to and ‘work with’ a particular deity, then offering them something that you know they like is a good idea. Not mandatory obviously, but a good idea nonetheless. This is not only for deities, but for your ancestors as well.

It used to be that Spirit connection to any magickal practice was regular. Not an optional “player” in a practitioner’s magickal tool box. Every aspect of a particular ritual would be looked after and carried out by the deity that they felt best suited the mater. All incantation, talismans, and other curios were consecrated and imbued with the energy of the governing deity for that rite.


If you would like to megacharge your magick, attracting and gaining the favor of spirits, deities, and ancestors, the use of offerings will go a long way to guide, protect, and manifest your magick.

Before I get into WHAT to offer, first consider a few things:

  • Prepare your ritual space like you usually do.
  • Spend a few moments meditating and centering yourself and your thoughts.
  • Invoke the spirit, deity, or ancestor with a confident yet respectful tone.

Once you feel complete with the last step, you may…

  • Take a moment and speak to the invoked and explain why and what you are offering.
  • Ask that they accept it.
  • Next, for however long you wish, meditate.

After the above has been carried out, whatever follows, in my experience, can be clues into what the overall vibe of the spiritual exchange was. Do you feel at peace? Do you feel uneasy? Do you feel like masturbating? The answers to these questions and so many other things could be subtle insights. Make sure you are tuned in and paying attention.

You can keep your offering on your altar or in your sacred space for as long as you feel it necessary. Obviously, if you are leaving an offering outside, there is no need to collect it provided you left it in a private area.

So what are some of the things that you can offer?

Food is the most popular offering. You could also offer something that is valuable to you like jewelry. Realize that time and energy are viable offerings also. Dedicating your time to an altar of Oshun is a beautiful offering because your heart and thoughts are with Oshun the entire time. You want to please her, and she recognizes it. Also, pleasure can be a sacrifice. Engaging in sexual or other joyous experiences with focused attention can be viable sacrifice as well.

Most important for you to remember is that different deities enjoy different types of offerings. You should get to know the spirits of which you choose to have a deeper relationship with or even just simply want help from. Do your research and figure out what they like. Mostly though for me, I have found that certain food item are more “energetic” than others. What does that mean? I mean that I have experienced different resulting energies from the same deity, using different food items. You will have to learn your deities, prepare offerings, try variety of offerings and see which work for you.

When it comes to your ancestors, offering them a portion of tonight’s dinner that you prepared is a nice loving gesture. You can get more personal of course and offer something that you know they liked very much. For instance, your grandmother loved pistachio nuts, well, go to the store and grab the best ones you can find and leave them for her as an offering. I am sure she would appreciate that. Think cigars for uncle or grandfather if that was their thing, your dad’s favorite alcohol if he drank, you get the picture.

If it is an ancestor that you didn’t know personally, think of their heritage and culture. Where were they from? What was their cultural habits?


When should you make offerings?

You can make offerings whenever you feel moved to. If that is every ritual, go for it! If that is only during a particular moon phase, go for it! Its up to you and your practice. I would bet though, once you begin to add making offerings part of your ritual practice, and you experience a supercharge in your magick, you will probably make offerings more frequently.

How to dispose of the offering?

Once it’s time to dispose of the remains of your offering you can do so in whichever way you feel is best. However, do not eat any of the food that you placed as offering. Doing so is not favorable for you in any way. Just don’t do it.

Most common ways to dispose are to bury food in the earth, pour liquids onto the earth also. You can of course pour the liquids down the drain if you wish. Like I said, whatever works for you.

Do you make offerings? How often do you do it? What have been your results if any? Let’s chat about this. It is such a fascinating topic and I know many of you have been curious.

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Until next time. Blessed be, ashe.

References: aaronleitch;exemplore.com;wiccadaily

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