Making & Using Gem Elixirs

triple-moon-alchemy-gem-elixir-image-blog-postI have a lightweight obsession with elixirs and potions. It could be because I am a mystic herbalist and I know how taking in the energy and constituents of a plant or gem can mean instant power. Certain elixirs can support our magic so that we vibrate evenly on the plane that we wish in order to manifest our desires.

I have been drinking gem elixirs or gem essences for years now from time to time. It hadn’t been anything that I did regularly until recently.

I think of gem elixirs as enchanted waters. Waters with focused vibration. The energetic vibration of a stone can be taken internally or externally. Gem elixirs can be used in magickal workings, and for healing on all levels.

The alchemy of gem elixirs is simple yet so profound. Water absorbs the energy pattern of the gem and transforms the water to contain the new energy vibration that the gem has.  Essentially imprinting the waters biomolecular field which when we drink it, imprints our own biomolecular and Auric fields.  It is important to note that in order to receive the very best quality transmission of the energy from the crystal elixir, you must work with a pure crystal. No artificial man-made stuff! Not only that, but the crystal should be clean, both physically and spiritually.

When it comes to the type of water that you use for your gem elixirs, choose wisely. It should go without saying that clean happy water is best. No water with chemicals like the water straight from the faucet. No water contaminated with anyones emotions. Make sure that you enchant your water with positive intentions throughout the process. Natural spring water is best. Some of us even use collected rain water! If using distilled water, it would be of great benefit to allow the water to be exposed to one full moon cycle of moonlight before using for elixir in order for the “trauma” of distillation to subside.

If you are inspired to make your own gem essence there are a couple of ways that you can do it. Direct, and indirect. It is a common practice to use the indirect method for safety reasons. Many gemstones, although they do posses powerful energetic lattices, can leach unsavory potentially harmful chemicals and minerals into the water of your elixir. To be totally sure, HERE IS A LIST of potentially dangerous stones if using the direct method. As a side note, tumbled or polished stones are less likely than rough stones to leach out into the water. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I recommend the indirect method.

gem-elixir-image-triple-moon-alchemy-blog-credit: healingjourneysenergy

If you have come to know anything about me through reading Triple Moon Alchemy then you know how important it is to me to compound my magickal practiceses.  So for me, and probably for many of you, I like to take into account the calendar day as well as the time of day,  and my intention and desired outcome for the process of crafting my gem elixirs. You may wish to place your crystal grid if you have one, on top of the vessel that you are crafting the gem essence. Using quartz is a great way to amplify the energies of the gems being used for the elixir. Do what works for you. The more you create, the more proficient you become.

By now you may have a question or two. Why use gem elixirs, and how do I use them?These elixirs can be used for spiritual, physical , emotional balance and healing especially when taken internally.  When choosing which crystal to use, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The essence or elixir can be made and used for the properties of the crystal that the elixir was made from. For example, Citrine, one of my faves, is the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. It carries the power of the Sun and is comforting, energizing, and life-giving. When I make an elixir of Citrine, these are the qualities that I am taking into myself. Likewise, your water will carry the energetic imprint of the crystal(s) you choose. Choose wisely and power up!

“It is important,” says Debra at Ascended Earth that, “the person ingesting the essences should also state intent when taking them. I advise my customers to do this. For example, if a person is taking Ametrine to open their Third Eye and higher chakras, before taking the drops, they can state their intent by saying something verbally or in their head like, ‘My Third Eye is open now, and so it is.’ The energy of this intent, stated in the present tense, is then imprinted on the dosage and the desired outcome is manifested more quickly. It has been proven by Masaru Emoto that water can change shape due to certain verbal vibrations. The essences work the same way; they are imprintable. By the person taking the essences becoming an active participant in their own healing via intent, healing processes are magnified.”

There are two specific ways that these essences and elixirs can be taken. Do what works for you. It is a personal choice. Many “experts” recommend that a certain number of drops be taken directly under the tongue. This puts the essence in the body sublingually like homeopathics, so it is immediately absorbed, and is not disturbed by the digestive tract. I believe the effects are more powerful and beneficial when I do it this way. The second way, most popular,  is to mix the essence or elixir in a small amount of water and drink.

We can use these essences and elixirs whenever and however we want to. Although these enchanted liquids can and should be used to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit, we can use them as tonic too! Use gem elixirs intermittently to cause yourself to vibrate higher and higher over time. Remember, the energy lattice that each crystal contains is replicated in the water. When we drink that water it affects us on a biomolecular level. This energizes each cell gradually until your entire aura is radiant and healthy. If you’re gonna add crystal gems to your regular routine note a few things below.

  • Crystals with normal energy are the best ones for gem elixir tonics taken regularly.
  • High energy gems should be considered for the random “jolt” or “pick me up” tonic.
  • The gems thought to be calming should be thought of as the tonics used for resting and needed downtime.

As for external usage of gem elixirs, they can be used for a targeted topical approach. The energy patterns will be transferred from the essence or elixir to the skin and into the body.  I think of my Chakras or certain ailments when I am using gem elixirs in this way. When using these elixirs externally you can apply more than when you take them internally.

There is much more to be uncovered and experienced with gem elixirs. Consider making your own. The more you practice with them, the better you will become. Only you can know for sure how these will work for you. Raise your vibration & ascend.

I would love to know if you have ever made gem waters and what your experience has been.  If you haven’t ever made them, will you?

I can send you specific instructions on how to carefully with intention make your own gem elixirs, complete with more useful applications and dosage guidelines. Want? YES, SEND ME COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS.


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