Gem Elixir Toxicity List

I am no mineralogist. I am only passing on info that I have learned. I want us all to have a healthy safe experience. When in doubt, just use the indirect method.

Crystal elixir direct method potential toxicity list:

Adamite – zinc, copper
Amazonite – copper
Amber – toxic dust, fumes
Angelite – lead, sulphur
Atacamite – copper
Auricalcite – zinc and copper
Azurite – copper
Boji-Stones – may contain sulphur
Bronchantite – copper
Cerrusite – sulphur, molybdenum
Chalcantite (aka “blue shit”) – copper
Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone, Peacock Ore) – copper and sulphur
Chrysocolla – copper
Cinnabar – mercury
Copper – copper
Coral – bacteria and pollutants
Cuprite – copper
Diopside – copper
Dioptase – copper
Eliat Stone – copper
Emerald – aluminum
Garnet – aluminum
Gem Silica – copper
Galena/ Galenite – lead
Garnierite (Genthite, Falcondoite) – nickel
Hiddenite – aluminum
Iolite – aluminum
Kansas Pop Rocks – may contain sulphur
Kunzite – aluminum
Kyanite – aluminum
Labradorite – aluminum
Lapis Lazuli – copper, sulphur
Magnetite (Lodestone) – iron in large quantities
Malachite – copper
Meteorite – may contain many toxic substances
Mohawkite – copper, arsenic
Moldavite – aluminum
Moonstone – aluminum
Mother of Pearl – bacteria and pollutants
Opal – toxic dust
Pyrite – potentially toxic
Realgar – sulfur and arsenic
Rhodocrosite – lead
Ruby – aluminum
Sapphire – aluminum
Sodalite – aluminum
Spinel – may contain aluminum, zinc
Stibnite – lead, antimony
Smithsonite (Galmei, Zinc spar)- zinc, may contain copper
Sulphur – sulphur
Tigers Eye – asbestos
Topaz – aluminum
Turquoise – copper, aluminum
Uranium – radioactive mineral
Vanadanite – lead
Variscite – aluminum
Wulfenite – lead, molybdenum
Zircon – zirconium (radioactive)

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