The Elements Series: Air


Each of the elements carry with them a specific vibration and characteristics that can be worked into magic, meditation, art, and life. Having intimate knowledge and awareness of each element is imperative in order to utilize them fully and effectively. The element Air is on topic in this part 4 of the Forces of Nature, The Elements series.

If you have missed any of the other parts of the series, you can link to them HERE.

Think of what life without Air would be like…that’s right, there IS no life without air. Its THAT essential. This element connects all of the elements together. It expands our lungs as well as our consciousness, which are vital for survival.

Air is the manifestation of movement, forever fluctuating and active. It is associated with the mind, spirits, the soul, communication and of intelligence. Sound is contained in Air. The fact that air is invisible makes it no less powerful than any other element. In fact, without it, the other elements would not, could not exist.

Airs direction is East. Air is masculine and active. It Is contrary to Earth and is associated with the need to be liberated and free.

The element of air is an excellent reminder of the universal magick in all things. The unseen things. We gain acute awareness that there is more to the world than the things that we see, and how the things that we do not see are equally important and can also be equally devastating.


Simply observing the direction of the wind could prove to be very beneficial if one is paying attention. It is believed that if you encounter wind that comes up from the South, good things are on the horizon. An encounter with winds coming from the North could denote struggle is ahead and employing patience is a good idea at that time. Wind from the west typically deals with relationship issues, it could indicate a new relationship of some sort is on the horizon. East winds could indicate the presence of powerful unseen forces like deities and other spiritual beings. East winds could also be a signal of new levels of understanding or a fresh perspective.

Astrological signs with predominant Air energy

  • Aquarius
  • Gemini
  • Libra

These sun signs typically have great intellectual aptitude and enjoy learning and gaining knowledge. They may be talkative folks. Air signs must always remember to ground themselves in the current reality and not get too caught up in their heads in order to be actionable people.

Any magick that you perform could benefit from any one or all of the elements however, when a certain outcome is desired, a concentrated focus is given to a particular element that rules such outcomes. Air or wind magick rules divination, concentration, and visualization. Basically anything dealing with the spirit, the mind, intellect, and “seeing”.

Places where performing Air magick could have a more profound effect

  • Mountaintops
  • High towers/lighthouses
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Travel agencies
  • Psychiatric offices

Magickal correspondences that represent the Air element

  • Wands
  • Feathers
  • Incense smoke
  • Very fragrant flowers

Freedom Rising Spell (adapted from Free Witchcraft Spells)

This is a charm to help you gain some freedom in your life, to get past obstacles that are keeping you tied down or in a rut.

Feathers are a potent talisman for the element of air. While you can use feathers you’ve bought at the craft store, it would be a stronger air spell if you use feathers you’ve found in the wild.

You will need:

5 feathers

White yarn or string

A large clear quartz point

White or silver paint (or marker)

  1. Use a fine brush or your marker to paint the rune Kenaz on the crystal point. A smooth tumbled stone is not advised.
  2. Tie the quills of the feathers to the quartz, wrapping the string securely around the entire bunch.
  3. Now hang the entire feather charm in a high point of your house. Like close to the ceiling on the top floor, or even up in the attic.

Every time that you pass by this charm and you see it hanging think of how free you are and how free you would like to be. Imagine the places you would like to go and see. If your intentions are not to travel physically but to be free to just be yourself, visualize what that looks like to you. As time goes on and you begin to realize changes in your life be sure to write them down and keep track of how this worked so that you know for a future time.

What are some Air spells or rituals that you practice? Will you try this one?

Until next time. Blessed be. Ashe.



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