Solar Eclipse Astrology August 21, 2017: The Alchemical Wedding of the Sun & Moon

New Moon June 2017 (3)

In this post I will share about the Moon herself, the balance of masculine and feminine, and whether or not the Moon has power independent of the Sun. Then I will delve into the energy that accompanies the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 and how it will affect us on a personal level.

Sun and Moon, a tales of star crossed lovers…

Is the Moon powerless without the Sun? I’m no astronomer, but I’ll take a stab at it!

The Sun illuminates and warms our planet Earth. The Moon, creates the tides (gravitational flow) with a tiny bit of help from the Sun. The Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun.

I know this sounds like 5th grade science class, but I am making a greater point here. Stay with me.

The Earth’s rotation on its axis is why the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. the Earth’s rotation is also why the Moon rises and sets too, just at a much slower pace.

The Sun is 400 x’s bigger than the Moon but it is also 400 x’s further away from the Earth than the Moon and that’s why from our perspective, they look roughly the same size. This is why when we experience a solar eclipes the Moon looks like it actually covers the Sun mostly.

The Sun is the only object in the solar system that gives off light. This light shines in the Solar System, and bounces off the Moon so we can see it in the sky. Because the surface of the Moon is so dense, it only picks up approx 3% of the Sun’s light, but that’s all She needs to illuminate our night sky.

Remember though that the Sun, of course, only lights up 1/2 the Moon at any given time. That is the half facing the Sun. So depending on where the Earth is in its orbit, like if the Moon is on the same side of the earth as the Sun, we won’t see the Moon at all, which is a New Moon. If the Moon is on the opposite side of the earth as the Sun, then we have a Full Moon.

Why metaphysically is the Sun masculine and the Moon feminine? In many religions and cultures around the world  there are male sun gods. This concept actually appeared quite later in the world religious cultures. Certain male dominated priesthoods tried to downgrade the power of the feminine by assigning it to the Moon of lesser light, claiming the power and brightness of the Sun for themselves.


In the very ancient, pre-Babylonian Sumerian tongue, the word for moon is explicitly masculine, and in Arabic, the word for “sun” is feminine. The Sun was at one time known to be feminine and the Moon masculine. As civilizations began to become more aware of the ebbs and flow of woman, and also the orbital nature of the Moon, the Moon and the woman became synonymously linked.

“Woman is the like the moon. She waxes and wanes. Man is like the sun–constant, stationary, shining from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Everything grows because of the moon. Everything ripens because of the sun. And everything is conceived because of the combination of those two polarities of male and female, sun and moon. ” shaktakaur

A mirror that reflects the light of the luminous Sun, the Moon represents the shadow side of the Sun’s light. This “shadow” side to mean the dark mystery within our souls. The parts of ourselves that are hidden from plain view because we cannot look directly into the brilliant Sun. We look to the Moon to see our truest form, much like looking into the mirror because we can’t see our own face directly. The mirror of the moon illuminates the darkness of the night sky, as well as our shadow parts.

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Not only does she rule the Earth’s tides, but the tides of our emotional body. She controls the rhythm. The Moon represents our nurturing aspects. The Moon represents what we need on a deep and personal level. Our unconscious selves. Moon energy is mother or child, and is easily identifiable in the relationship between mother and child. The Moon rules impulses and intuition. Negative Moon traits could be having mood swings, being fickle, and not being rational.

The Sun symbolizes the self. The Sun nature, or the Divine masculine, represents the personality and the ego. The Sun is the face or identity that the world sees. Our outside persona. He is a force. He is commanding. He is a leader. The conscious mind. Pure energy.  Negative Sun traits could be being arrogant, too stubborn, egotistical, and critical.

No matter if you are man or woman, the balance of Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity is essential. “…as our Divine Feminine and Masculine unite within our bodies, a new golden consciousness is born with an Eye that is the Moon and and Eye that is the Sun, representing the perfect balance of masculine and feminine in harmony with each other [within]. ..this new self, filled with love, light and power is the authentic self, living inner truths in the outer world.” Alana Fairchild, the Isis Oracle.

Unfortunately trouble arises when we see the masculine or feminine as superior to the other. Men and women have to develop and embrace both sides of their nature. One cannot be balanced without the other; each of us must make space for the other in our life if we are to live our best lives.



What does ALL OF THIS have to do with the solar eclipse on Monday August 21st?Total solar eclipses are special lunar events. Since the Sun is of more active energy and the new moon is more introspective, this could be a time of emotional upheaval for some.

The metaphysical purpose of the solar eclipse is to provoke tangible changes in our lives. Some refer to a solar eclipse as a “shake up and wake up” type of energy. In essence a portal becomes open for us all to explore the hidden pathways into our true nature. The solar eclipse on August 21st is in the sign of Leo which will provide an even greater opportunity to gain momentum and alignment with our purpose.

If you have been frustrated and not sure why, the solar eclipse new moon is a great time to be alone and deal with whatever thoughts and feelings are arising. The energy is demanding that the best of you come forward to the surface in order to take hold of your goals, personally and otherwise. It is important to connect with the Sun’s energy as well as Moon energy during the eclipse. In the balance we will find ourselves.

Some questions you may want to ask as you take time to tap into the eclipse energy

  • Who am I?
  • What is it that I truly want?
  • What areas of my life am I ready and willing to claim my power?

Take the time to write the answers down so that you can meditate or do magick that will prepare you for the shift. This new moon solar eclipse is full of masculine drive energy which is the perfect fire that is needed to get things done. Exactly what we need so that we don’t become overwhelmed by the flood of energy being hurled at us. If we stay heart centered and keep our focus inward, this can be a very powerful moment in time on a personal level. Don’t run from it. Embrace the open portal for a catalyst of change. Ashe.

Solar eclipse magick

I will not advise spellcasting during an eclipse. I instead suggest meditation, divination, ritual baths, yoni steams, and quiet time. Sip tea, be alone with your thoughts, pen and paper. If you are experienced and brave enough I think scrying could be helpful during this eclipse phase. Gaining “second sight” could help to initiate a metamorphosis that is available to us under this solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse is the alchemical wedding of the Sun and the Moon, a match made in the cosmos, and the perfect balance of these star crossed lovers…

This solar eclipse wedding of these celestial bodies opens the gateway for us all to make peace with the two energies. Make peace with and open up to be resolute, principled, and take noble action (masculine). Make peace with and open up to receive, adapt, trust, rest and meditate (feminine).

Blessed be. Ashe.

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