Being a Solitary Witch Bitch

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Do you have to be apart of a coven or some other group to consider myself a powerful witch? Hells no!

In life we make choices about what spiritual practices we want to follow. At least some of us do. As a child, I took on the religious practices of the family. For years I struggled with what was the “right” thing to do and how to prevent myself from going to the infamous

H E L L.

Fast forward years into adulthood and my ideals began to shift. Life wasnt so black and white anymore, and I felt a yearning to explore spirituality independent of religion and dogma. I remembered the spiritual practices of my grandmother and I followed the memory breadcrumbs to Witchcraft. I remembered myself. I remember indigenous practices of my culture BEFORE slave trades.

Even though my mom had powerful magick, it wasnt usually exercised independent of religion. I didn’t want that. My grandmother had transitioned from this life already. Who could I turn to? Where could I go to find like-minded individuals? Nowhere.

Many years have passed since my initial decision to walk the path of mystics before me. My understanding, and devotion to the craft as a healer has grown exponentially. I have allowed Divine Feminine power the space in my life to foster Divine guidance, as well as Divine correction.

Sometimes being a solitary practitioner is the best thing. Sometimes not so much. Certainly there is power in numbers, it can’t be denied. However, the power of ONE is enough power to move mountains. The value of having a singular focus, a singular voice, is not to be discarded as less valuable. When one can immerse themselves in their craft without distraction, real magick happens. Whether a part of a coven or not, it is our own personal power that activates change.

Be solitary. Study. Learn. Grow. Change your world.

Blessed be. Ashe

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