ISIS Oracle Card OTD

Step your Vibration Deeper into Love

As a being growing in signifigant light, darker energies can become more attracted to you. There is nothing to fear and only more mastery and awareness of Divine Love to experience. Here is guidenace on the skills you have within you now to deal with any undesired interferance. The Pyramid of Light confirms that energies have been causing interfernce with your path and it is time now to end that interference with Love and compassion.

Basically, these energies may or may not be in the physical form. These energies may or may not come from you. The point is to with compassion and love, release the negative energy. When we move to higher levels of awareness our lights become brighter and brighter. While this transcendence is what we want, negative or dark forces and people find their way to us also.

This card is an indication that it is time to release that energy from your field and move on with love.

Do meditations and rituals that help you to do just that. Release. Not in fear, but Divine Love.

Here is an incantations to assist you:

I AM Love

I AM Light

To manage my own energy field I have every right

Compassion, peace, and strength I AM

I witness the dark with peace in my heart

In my energy there is space only for love that is unconditional and gentle as a dove

I AM unconditional love

I AM unconditional love

I AM unconditional love


As I have stated before, I love this deck. There are rituals and incantations for every card that really help us to manifest.

Hope this resonated. Blessed be. Ashe.

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