The Elements Series: Earth


Somehow it made sense to me to make Earth the last of the four elements in this series, but it feels right now, so here goes.

Earth is probably the element that most of us identify with, or recognize more easily. It is the very foundation on which we stand and build our lives. Without  it, well, we are without.

Earth energy is feminine. Earth governs stone and knot magick. Through many conditions and temperatures the earth endures. She is our Mother, our nurturer, and our healer. At anytime, if you wish to draw energy from the earth for stability and grounding, go outside. Go outside to a grassy area that you don’t mind walking barefoot in. Take your shoes off, get completely barefoot and walk in a clockwise circle visualizing golden lava Earth power from the core drawing up into your feet, throughout your body to the top of your head, then back into the earth.  You can sit at the base of a tree and do the same visualization.


Astrological signs with dominate Earth personalities

  • Capricorn

  • Virgo

  • Taurus

“It’s the truth”, “I am just keeping it real”, are a couple phrases that Earth sign people might say from time to time. They are the ones firmly rooted and grounded and have no problem giving their opinion. They are the ones who help us all understand the benefit of moving from a firm foundation. People of a more slow and steady nature, it takes time to get to know them, but worth the trouble because they are loyal and steadfast in relationships.

Earth signs may have these qualities in spades:

  • Consistency

  • Perseverance

  • Caution

  • Responsibility

  • Reliability

  • Ambition

  • Respectfulness

  • Stiffness

  • Superficiality

As with all the elements, Earth element can take on the qualities of the other elements at times. Think, desserts, hot(air) and dry(earth), or swamps, wet(water) and cool(earth). It is manifested physically through humans, certain animals, stones, gems, rocks, and crystals.

The Earth is Life. Do you garden? I do, and when I press soil into my hands, I take a sec to actually feel the energy and vitality that is in the Earth. Earth is the bed of fertile soil in which we grow food to sustain life.

Places to go to connect with Earth energy more intensely

  • Gardens

  • Plant nurseries

  • Kitchens

  • Mines

  • Caves

  • Fields

  • Farms

  • Forests

  • Canyons


Earth Magick

Do magick in any of the above places to concentrate Earth energy and invoke any of the qualities that are governed by Earth. Earth spells are excellent  for material things like growth, prosperity, abundance, home, grounding, nature, fertility and financial prosperity.

Earth stones that can be used to cultivate more Earth power

  • Most green stones

  • Jet

  • Agate

  • Obsidian

Goddess that represent Earth energy

  • Nephthys

  • Persephone

  • Prithivi

  • Rhea

Invocation on the Earth energy

Here and now I Invoke the elemental force of Earth,

I call to the swirling dust and dawn lit mountains,

To the fields and all the swaying trees.

You that remains solid,

You that teaches of quiet stability.

You that holds us firm against your skin,

I call you here to infuse my intention with your boundless gifts.

Let my will take root in your soil

And ground my purpose in your stones.

Boulder and gravel,

Tree and rose

Bountiful Earth I call to you.

Be gentle as morning dew.

Blessed be.

This invocation is something that I try to do when I am in nature in the midst of the elements. I typically feel connected and energized afterward. I hope that you can find the magick in it also.

Well, as always, I hope that this resonates with you. That’s it for now, check back next week for the next Element in this series. I am having great fun with this series, I hope you are too!

Until next time. Blessed be. Ashe.

References: Alchemy Works; Witches Of the craft; Elemental magick

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