Forces of Nature, The Four Elements

forces-of-nature-elements-series-triple-moon-alchemy-blog-imageRecently I re-blogged a post from Granny Moon  about the element Fire. Its obvious that I found the post interesting enough to share here on the blog. After I read it I posted it. After I posted it, I got inspired to create a new series. This series is a short one all about the four elements. What they are, how they relate to our humanity, how to gain their favor, and how to wield them for magickal purposes. This post is the first of the series.

So what are the elements, and why are they important for my magic?

The elements  are primordial archetypal forms preceding the manifestation of matter. From an alchemical standpoint each element shares its qualities with two other elements. This provides the dynamic that allows for cyclic transformation within matter known as the Rotation of the Elements. Fire is the most volatile of the elements and Earth is the most stable. Fire and Air are masculine or active energies. Earth and Water are feminine or passive energies. All have both positive and negative aspects. The Earth without water to moisten it, air to surround it, or fire to warm it, would be a lifeless planet. The elements work in harmony. Through the intermingling of the elements life is born.  The elements are in fact, the four forms of life: expansion, contracting, circulating, and grounding, these four, in their simplest forms, create everything we know in combinations.

forces-of-nature-elements- series-triple-moon-alchemy-blog-imageThis series will break down each element and its correspondences. I will also share spells, meditations, and incantations that can be used for each respective element. Examples of altar set ups that focus on the elements will be shared also. I think that having a basic understanding of the importance of each element and how we can use them for our spiritual ascension is a major key.

That’s it for now.

Since this is such a short series I will dedicate a post a week to each element until it’s over. If you have not already, feel free to join the FB group. Triple Moon Alchemy Grimoire is all about spell work. It is a secret group where any spells from any path is shared among the group. Only a small few have joined as of now, why not be one of them!!? It not only a way to foster our TMA community, but a great way to learn from one another and grow our magickal repertoire. You can join the group HERE. Lastly, if you do not subscribe to TMA’s posts, now would be a great time to do so. If you want to stay in the loop with TMA subscribe HERE. I do not bombard you with loads of emails, so no need to worry!

Check out the 4 min video in the lower right corner of this page.

Look out for next week’s element post. Earth is up first! Until next time. Blessed be. Ashe!


reference: scott cunningham, elemental magick


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