Super New Moon June 2017 & The Dark Goddess

june-2017-super-new-moon-dark-goddess-magickRemember the May 25th Super New Moon? Having two Super New Moon’s back to back indicates amazing change, transformation and new beginnings. The New Moon in Cancer indicates a wave of emotions like the flow of tides with this water sign. 

Cancers care…ALOT. We may experience an over abundance of love feelings and a desire to be tender, with ourselves and others. 

The New Moon is Crone time. The time of the Dark Goddess. Use this time to get in touch with your shadow self. The parts of yourself that are hidden, in fear, shame, rejection etc. This Cancer Super New Moon is here, full of wisdom, grace, and unconditional love for us to be nutured and transformed. The Dark Goddess wants to usher us into newness. Allow Her,  in Love to do so.

This is just a gentle reminder of the kinds of power that is available to us all under this Moon phase.

I am writing this on the go so I will end here. I encourage you to research a little more about the power of how the the Super New Moon and The Dark Goddess are present to love, protect, and heal.

Until next time. Thanks for reading. Blessed be. Ashé.

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