Rise to Shine…Now

triple-moon-alchemy-rise-to-shine-blog-post-imageWhew! I am sooooo happy to be back in this space writing. For me. For you. How have you been? I hope all is well for you who is reading this right now.

I have been working on a marketing project for a local brand from where I am from. As you can imagine, my marketing  brain is quite different from my mystic vibration. When I am fully engaged with the analytical and technical part of me, I seem to be distant from my truest self, the mystical warrior woman. Now truly, we do not actually separate ourselves no, but we do vibrate at different frequencies depending on what/where we are at the time.

When I am in my home, crafting, cooking, writing, loving, and meditating, the vibration is able to stay high. This allows for greater creative function of my brain as well as my heart. Not to say that when we are on our jobs working our brains in a different way that we are “less than”. It’s just that the vibration of business activities is a different frequency.

Don’t get it twisted. Who I am is who I am. I will meditate in a bathroom stall if I feel the need to! For me, the struggle is that when I go in on something, I go IN. No matter what it is, I strive for the illusory perfection in everything that I do. This makes me a pretty intense person. So for me, being able to melt the intensity and be a true to nature happy hedgewitch is a comfort zone for me that I have come to identify with strongly.

The sad thing is though, I am not at the place along my life journey where the work that I produce for the mystic community is sufficient enough to sustain my life and desires. So, using my other skills for the mundane world is a must at this time. The recent wormhole experience with the marketing project got me thinking and asking myself, “what do I need to do everyday in order to vibrate higher no matter where I am, and no matter what I am doing?” Here are my thoughts:

Begin my day with a grateful heart


Gratitude is a heart elixir. Seriously fam. When I just let go of any thoughts that I am having at the time and tune into my heart and think of every fuckin’ thing that I am grateful for!?!?! Instantly I rise. I have thoughts as simple as “I’m grateful for a healthy beating heart“, to ” I am grateful to have enough spiritual awareness to know that gratitude will raise my vibration“. It is a great way to begin the day. It is also a great way to give myself a “pick me up” anytime of the day. Try it for two straight minutes, you’ll see.

Yoga-Meditation-Deep Breathing


Yoga is a practice that I will never give up. I go periods of time without it for one reason or another but it’s always close to my heart, and I find my way back to it easily. I do it in order to stay agile, flexible, tuned into my body, and tuned into my astral subtle body. Practicing yoga makes it easier for me to access peace within when I need it throughout my day. Kundalini yoga is LIFE! If you dunno, now you know! Deep breathing and meditation go hand in hand to me. These are powerful tools for getting in touch with our inner self and get whatever it is that we need from Spirit to forge ahead in life. I don’t know how I was living before I activated these sacred tools. For many years now, this has been a way of life for me and I am grateful.

Gentle acts of Love & Kindness


When I can get outside of myself and my insesent mind chatter, I hug someone. I know how that sounds but its true. How many times have you seen someone who you kinda know and they seemed low? Is your first thought to hug them, or smile at them, or say something positive or funny? Then you pull the emergency brake and tell yourself no. Well, sure, it is not always called for, but when I allow myself to give love and or kindness freely without stopping myself for whatever reason, I feel good. I feel good because I made another being feel good. That is magick in itself! Without expecting something in return, or without judgement, just love, just kind only. My vibration raises bit by bit when I allow this for myself. Like my mother always said, it’s nice to be nice. It’s true, and it works. Thanks Ma!

The last thing I will list that raises my vibration no matter what I am doing  is visualization.


The beach is one of my favorite places to be. For years, my family had an annual beach vacation. Through the years I developed a deep abiding love with everything beach. The sand, the ocean, the sounds, the smells, I love it all. The first thing that I do when we arrive, after I place my luggage in the room, sometimes before then lol, is run to the water, put my feet in, close my eyes, thank the universe, and allow the waves to take my cares away. It’s like a ritual for me. With every crash of the waves against my feet and ankles I imagine my stress at my feet. For every pull of the tide away from the shore, I imagine those cares being taken away. You know how powerful the element of Water is right?


It is so engrained within me that it is fairly easy to recall when I need to. Sitting at my desk? I can go to the beach. Standing in a long line waiting at the bank? I can go to the beach. Stressing about family stuff? Business stuff? I can and WILL, go to the beach. All with visualization. This simple yet profound act can raise my vibration exponentially. It’s not about wishing and hoping that I was at the beach, it’s about BEING there, in my mind’s eye. Visualizing and feeling the wind, hearing the sounds, feeling the waves at my feet. Man….just thinking about it now…

So, you see, getting in touch with ourselves deep within is what will for sure raise our vibration. When we vibrate higher, we make space for those around us to do the same.

Rise to shine light being. Now.

I hope that sharing the ways I vibrate higher helps you. What are some of the practices that you engage in to manifest and maintain a higher frequency on a regular basis?


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