Magick Oils: Here’s Why!

Thank You (3)What are condition oils?

Condition or anointing oils as they are sometimes referred to, is one of a spirit workers key to manifestation. For millennia folks have used specially blended oils to help stir the energies surrounding a particular desired outcome. Oil acts as a conduit for magick to be channeled and made to flow through and to us. The herbs and other curios used in these oils as you know, have energies of their own and are all extracted and magnified while bathing in the oils. Often times the formulas of these oils have been passed down from generation to generation as is the case with THIS OIL. They have been tested and tried and found to be valuable enough to share with the next generation. That’s why the names of some conjure oils are the same no matter who you buy them from. 

Then other times, someone is just trying to make a quick dollar, and are passing bullshit off and masking it as sacred. Shameful!

Woe to those that fumble around and confuse the masses for monetary gain.

Make it or buy it

Along the path on our witchy journey we realize that there are some curios, incantations, and spells we can make or do on our own. These become infused in our practice quite naturally, and work just fine. Then there are times when we feel more comfortable purchasing necessary items from witchy crafters that we trust.


Magickal oils are typically used to dress an object, or anoint a person, place, or thing.


  • I made an abundance drawing oil

  • I patiently allowed all the herbs, resins, and energy of the attraction stones to be absorbed by the oil

  • I strained and bottled the oil

  • I  anoint my altar wand

  • I anointed and dressed my abundance candles

  • I anoint myself

  • I rub it on my hands before I leave the house

  • One time, I even dressed a $20 bill before going to the casino, and won 3x’s my money in less than 5min! ( I left after that, gambling makes me nervous lol)

Most magick isn’t instant

Even though I did experience a quick tiny money increase, this GlowUp Abundance Drawing Oil is not a fast money oil. It is an abundance oil. It is formulated to draw the most positive abundance into the lives of us who use it.  The unscented, *skin safe ritual oil is blended with jojoba, olive oil, vitamin E oil, as well as gems, herbs, and resins.

Crafted at strongest time of the waxing moon. Left to energize over a four week period. Imbued with the purist abundance intentions through ritual & magick symbols. Poured off during the waxing moon on the day of Jupiter.

This Condition Oil is intended to attract the following:

Wealth-Riches-Favor-Glory-Honors-All Goodness-Tranquil Mind-Mental Clarity.

Whether you make your own or purchase a magickal oil form a witchy crafter, make sure that you use it often and use it with intention.

Here is a video that further explains the use of magick oils

Until next time. Blessed be. Ashe.


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