Protection Spell to Ward Negativity

We are potentially exposed to thousands of energy black holes daily. If we are not careful, we can begin to think, do, and feel certain ways without even realizing it right away. The influence isn’t always coming from OUTSIDE of ourselves either! It is true that many times we get pulled into other peoples “mess”, as grannie would say. We must have in our arsenal, ways to combat these occurrences.

There are several tools at hand that can be used to protect our physic auras and to ward against such energetic black holes that may pull us in from time to time. Below are three spells that are simple and can be used as basic ways to block certain energies. Don’t forget that Black Tourmaline is a highly effective ally in warding and protecting. Do what you must, to stay on a higher vibration. I hope these help.

Take deep breathes. Clear your mind. Ask for assistance from the Great Goddess is needed.



I love mirror magick. It seems to be so expedient. banish-negative-energy-triplemoonalchemy


Herbs are always a good idea when it comes to protection

Blessed be. Ashe

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