Oracle Card Of The Day




An open heart will hear the message 

When this card appears, you are being reminded that there is a time to speak, and a time to be silent. Now is an occasion for listening. Pay attention not only to what is being spoken, but also to what is not being said at the moment, for the deeper message is not always obvious. Listen with your heart, not with your ears, and you’ll find clarity. Receiving the Listening card is a fortunate sign and ensures a greater understanding of your circumstances.



Are you feeling that your not being heard-that perhaps your needs aren’t valid, that your song will go unsung? Now is the time to bring your message to the world. Speak up…it’s time for your voice to resound throughout your sphere of influence. This is a moment to say what you mean and ask for what you want.

In the Reversed position Listening has another meaning too. It also asks if you are refusing to listen to someone else, preferring to hear what you want instead of whats being said. This is a time to get out of denial. Reversed this card always brings freedom if you heed its advice.

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