Spring Equinox 2017 Rituals

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To many people, myself included, the Spring Equinox is the mark of the new year. Spring is the time of the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, which is to say, there is at this time an overwhelming amount of rebirth and fertility energy. It’s the time for newness, freshness, and  reawakening. To more fully understand Maiden energy, what it is, and how to utilize it, read THIS POST in the Triple Goddess series. The Equinox marks the period of equality between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. Also, complete balance between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere of the globe. In all, it’s about Balance.

There are many ways to mark the new season. Here I have listed a few ritual ideas that you may want to perform. One of the first things that I did yesterday morning when I got up was plant my early Spring vegetable seeds as a ritual  to mark the return of the Spring Equinox. I had pre planned and got all the seeds and materials that I needed to start my seedlings indoors before I transplant them in approx 5 weeks to our raised garden box at our local community garden. It’s my way of honoring the Earth and all of nature. I have pictures below. I enjoy sinking my hands deep into the moist dirt. That’s when I know warmer days are ahead! Planting and growing herbs and vegetables remind us that all things are created and nurtured by the elements Earth (dirt), Air (wind), Fire (Sun, heat), Water.

I hope that these suggestions inspire you to honor the change of season in your own way. Be inspired to renew yourself and reroute if needed. Spring Equinox blessing to us all. Blessed be Ase.

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Plant seeds or bulbs

As a reminder of  “you can’t reap what you don’t sow.” Start seeds indoors in pots according to seed package. As you plant the seeds, think of the new beginnings that this season brings for the seeds and for you. If growing food and herbs is not your thing, consider re-potting a houseplant or two. The same energy and intentions can be used as if you were growing vegetables. Visualize yourself growing stronger and fuller as the plant will now that it has a larger space to unfurl its roots and leaves.

Sun salutations

Every morning is a good time to practice yoga sun salutations. As a way of honoring the Earth and the Sun on the Spring Equinox though, doing 103 Sun salutations is traditional. If 103 are too many for you, pick a number that resonates with you. The point is that you are doing enough that the repetition becomes meditative and a portal is opened within so that you can appreciate the process and honor the Sun.

Get outdoors

Go for a walk. Even if it’s brisk out. Go out and notice the buds on trees and the bushes sprouting. Notice, and be grateful. Try to feel the energy of the new season buzzing all around you as you take in deep cleansing breaths. Envision how great this Spring will be for you and your loved ones. See how the seeds of intention will grow an abundant harvest for you come summer. Step into the newness and become who you imagine.

Make your intentions shine

Take one white candle and one yellow candle. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. If you want, you can get a citrine stone and burn either rose, jasmine, or frankincense incense. Set your Spring intentions by writing them on the paper. What figurative seeds to you want to manifest? What new projects etc would you like to see come together?  Write them down. You many carve and dress your candles if you’d like. Light each candle and visualize the things on your paper coming to fruition. If you like, you can say this incantation:

The time of Spring is now at hand, Goddess of the fertile land

take these words and give them wings, as they descend from thoughts to things,

take these things and make them real Lady of the Silver Wheel.


Meditate on your intentions. See them coming to pass. Burn the paper with the flame of one of the candles. Be sure to have a heat proof receptacle for the burning paper. As the paper ashes, and the flames burn down, consider your intention seeds planting. Rejoice.

Make sweet love

This is the perfect time to get pregnant! I know how that sounds. The season for planting seeds is not just for the dirt of Earth. Women, as Earth, are more susceptible to receiving the seeds of life in the springtime. Even if you are not trying or wanting to get pregnant, now, is a great time to make sweet love with your partner to honor the equinox and connect with the rhythm of the season. Use sex energy to empower your magick and your life. More on that subject at another time. For now, enjoy springtime sex for the sake of enjoyment.

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I can’t believe that I forgot this one!

Clean House!

It’s time to clean out closets, wash floors, wash front porch etc. Using essential oils, Florida water, or stepping a combination of banishing/cleansing herbs in your floor wash water is a wonderful way to go. After you have done the mundane cleaning, smudge the place from top to bottom. Bring some flowers into the home as well. Cleanse the body as well. This is such a prime time to do some kind of cleanse for your body. There are many. Find the one that’s right for you, and do it! Rebirth and renew.

That is it for now. However you choose, just be sure to mark the change of season. Embrace the new beginnings. How do you usually welcome the balance that the equinox brings? Will you add any of these practices into your flow? I’d love to know.

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credits: onlineholistichealth; alliexpress; papparazziideas

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