New Moon Solar Eclipse 2/26/17

The New Moon is always an intuitive phase. Set the best most hope full intentions because under this New Moon Solar eclipse [today, 959am, Northern Hemisphere ], the tone will be set for the new few months ahead. This is a time to look ahead with promise. This Solar eclipse energy will be intense yet hopeful.  The Sun brightens and illuminates. The Moon will be absorbing all the “info” that the luminary has for us.  Use this time to get your “download”. Perhaps take a moment to write out your intentions. Your hopes. Your dreams. What are the FEELINGS that you have about this new chapter?  What new essence do you need in order to manifest these things? The Manifestation portal is opening with this Solar New Moon eclipse. 
Pisces energy is naturally about intuition and reflection anyway. Always in search of deeper meaning. Get into that flow. Think of it like this: in order to get the things out of life that I want, I must go inward. Get in touch with your motives. Make your channels clear. The energy to create is now here. After months of endings and beginnings, now is the time to CREATE. 

Do you have Pisces in your chart? These are the areas that will intensified during this time especially. Look for shifts in these areas.  Look into the illumination of these areas. There is where the you will personally be changed under this New Moon Solar Eclipse.

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