Oracle Card of the Day

colette baron reid oracle cardIt’s time to clear the clutter to make way for better things.


When you see the Cleaning House card in a reading, is time to de-clutter your life.  Get rid of unwanted things in your physical home, and release what you no longer want or truly need.  Is there any unfinished business you should address?  Thoughts, memories, and emotional baggage must be swept out of your house as well. Your conscience must be clear for you to move freely in the world.

Celebrate a Spring cleaning and feel the freedom as you make way for much better things.  Look at what you’ve resisted discarding and be honest about its value. Be honest.  Clean house.



Why do you hold on to things that remind you off the past? Is your home cluttered with objects that bring up unhappy memories? Do you have a tendency to attract broken people who need to be fixed? If your involved in this type of emotional project, stop right now and “clean house”. Being needed isn’t going to get you what you really need. That said, even if you initially resist letting go of excess physical or emotional baggage, you’ll feel amazing afterward.

Let go, and let the universe bring you something better.  Make space.  The universe doesn’t like a vacuum and will respond to your house cleaning by filling your home with what will best serve you.

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