Triple Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone Part 4, Crone


I waited for the waning Moon to write this, for the waning Moon is Crone time…

The Dark Goddess. The Dark Mother. The Wise One. The Night. Endings and beginnings. The point where all life rests before rebirth. She is the Great Initiator into the deepest of Mysteries and prophecies. She IS the Triple Goddess, All and One at the same time. Goddess of the crossroads. She is the Knower. She is the Liberator of women.

The Dark Goddess has been since ancient times. The term Dark is more about what the Goddess represents.

“ For many modern witchcraft traditions, Hecate is the Dark Goddess and associated with the spirits of the dead, ghosts, the dark of the moon, baneful herbs, curses and black magic. For others, the Crone Goddess is Hecate, ruling over the third stage of a woman’s life, that beyond her childbearing years when she can focus on deepening the skills and information collected throughout her lifetime, when knowledge and experience is refined into Wisdom. The name Hecate is difficult to decipher, but may mean “she who operates from afar” or “far reaching”. It may also be related to the name of the Egyptian Goddess Heqet which sounds similar, especially in the Early Modern English pronunciation of Hecate, which left off the concluding “e“.”


The concept of Maiden, Mother, Crone is more or less a neo pagan concept that in my opinion, fairly marries the stages or aspects of the cycle of life through the eyes of the Divine Feminine Force pretty well, albeit at the cost of turning the Great Goddess into a bit of a demigod. Author Robert Graves is credited with giving life to this concept in his book White Goddess. The term Crone is, and has been debatable. The fact that the third aspect of the Goddess in three forms is represented by an old hag lady or Crone, makes some people respond negatively. The way that I see it is this; as times changes, so do concepts. Trivia Goddesses is not a new way of thinking however, referring to the Great Goddess in this way wasn’t introduced until the 20th century. So, for one to be taken seriously when writing or even commenting on matters like this, historical evidence needs to be the basis of the argument. In the case of Graves, his Triple Goddess concept was not wholly supported by historical fact. As a matter of fact, in ancient times, upon the many tablets and other records, the Goddess was never portrayed as elderly. She was always full of vibrant youth or she was mature as a mother, but never elderly. I totally get why that is. In my experience the Great Goddess is never feeble in any way. She has the wisdom and the heart of an aged woman, but she is always vibrant, even feral. So to justify the triad and age the Goddess is to somewhat defy or over simplify who the Great Goddess is.


The so called Crone Goddess though does give us a doorway to understanding the deep knowing and wisdom often gained with age and time. This wisdom can be accessed at any age and stage of anyone’s life, yet in time, we experience it quite naturally when we reach a certain chronological age. Do not be fooled however. She is depicted old, with a wart on her nose. She is depicted as the evil witch in the deep forest waiting to exact cruel intentions on any unfavorable soul that dare cross her path… This is not who she is. This imagery is due to Christian patriarchal fear of the transformative powers of the Dark Goddess and anyone who followed Her ways. She was turned into an evil witch because she is the Liberator. She is NOT the destroyer as fear would dictate.

Crone Goddess energy is most available under the waning to dark moon. The Moon is dark. It has no natural light source of its own, it reflects the Sun. so, in fact the dark “side” of the Moon is beloved Luna in her truest form. Therefore, the Dark Moon, Crone time, is when we can access our truest nature.

She is the Great Alchemist able to transform any being from a base metal into Gold.


The Crone is the Keeper of the Mysteries of prophecies. Access the energy of the Crone when you wish to expand your clairvoyance and ability to see more clearly backward and forward through time. Crone energy is available when you want to end a thing. A relationship, or any cycle of some sort. Just like the other aspects of the Triple Goddess, Crone flows into Maiden seamlessly. The Crone Goddess is there to break things down and end them so that the Maiden can put the pieces of the matrix together in a new way. When we get in flow with Mother energy, we get the nurturing and guidance that we need for our journey. When Mother energy has taken us as far as She can at any particular time, it is the Crone Goddess energy that calls to us. It is at that time, in order to progress with our “stuff”, we are plunged into the dark, cold, cauldron of regeneration. It is there that we come to terms with our true selves and our truest motives. Through the dark, we see the light. Only then can true Gold be achieved.

Many of us are afraid of the dark. Afraid to meet ourselves in the shadowy parts of the mind, which is why many people get lost in the dark and never find their way out. Always searching outside of themselves blaming, and looking away, looking anywhere but inside of themselves as the beginning point of transformation. The Crone Goddess will not come for you, we all must seek her at any and all stages of transformation. She governs the realm that holds the dark parts of ourselves that we seldom want to admit, let alone access. Physical death is apart of life’s cycles. We go from the Crone’s cauldron of recycle out into existence, then after a time return again. This is true in the non physical as much as in the physical sense.



Dark Moon ( Crone) Magick

Mirror meditation

Contacting spirits



Dark Magick i.e., bindings, cursing

When doing candle magic or using candles in magick to invoke the Crone Goddess use black ones. Her number is nine or multiples of nine, which is said to symbolize wisdom and sacred magick. She rules the darkest night of the Moon every month. Dark Moon energy is a time to access the deepest mysteries of existence, sorcery, prophecy, and secrecy.

Crone magick can be infused with any magickal practice and general rituals.

Access Crone energy when you wish to:

  • End something. A job. A relationship. A cycle. Divorce.

  • Rest and recreation of your life or a thing.

  • When you are being harassed in any way. She is the Great Protectress.

  • When you seek retribution

  • For strong protection against mental and physical attacks

  • To understand the deepest mysteries

Be warned. The Dark Moon is a time when the veil is thinner between two worlds therefore it is not a time for the unpracticed and foolish. Protect yourself with circles, stones and other correspondences that help ward and protect when practicing any magick that involves journeying between two worlds.


I think that will cover it for now. As I write this, we are under the waning Moon. February 25th the Moon will be its darkest, the 26th the Moon becomes New again. As the Crone blends into the Maiden, so the Dark Moon into the New Moon. Take this time to meditate on Crone Goddess energy and ask yourself if now is the time in your life when you are ready for a remix. If so, begin your descent to the inner labyrinth where Crone energy will meet you and guide you through the process of soul alchemy and transformation. Blessed journey!

In part 5 of this series I will list rituals that can be practiced to invoke/evoke each individual aspect of the Great Triple Goddess. I hope that this did resonate with you. If so, “like” it, and let me know below in the comments section. If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comment section.

Thanks for reading. You may also share this if you’d like to begin or continue a discussion amongst your friends.

Until next time. Blessed be. Ase.

Credits: hecates cauldron; witchopidea; pinterest; suryatherapy; rossanacastellino.deviantart; demetria george, mysteries of the dark moon; 

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