Aquarius New Moon January 27-28

The true start of the new year is when the Sun moves into the first sign of the zodiac (Aries), the Spring Equinox. January new moon is the real starting energy of the calendar year. Any New Moon is my fave time of the month but THIS one in particular. The last few days leading up to this moon have been…sheesh! They been rough. In the vein of true balance though, while the world around me has been going mad and topsy turvy, I have remained calm and focused. I am pleased that I can say that. I have been plunged into the cauldron of regeneration many times to become this balanced. Believe me, it ebbs and flows.

A  newer friend that I had to have know in another lifetime recently reminded me that times in our lives can be like when we clean out our closet and throw everything on the bed etc., and the room looks a worse mess than it was before you began. In the end though, things come together better than you thought it would. This is how things have been for me lately, but the Aquarius New Moon is here to give space for reset. Reset and Love.

If you’ve felt yourself struggling to find your place in this new year, know that redemption is now. Aquarius is a cool, objective sign, given to friendly detachment and open to cosmic inspiration. The flow of the tide is about shaking free of restraints, upgrading, re-modelling and innovating. Like my niece would say, its the time of the GLOW up. The shadow of Aquarius is that it can be rebellious to a fault, and stubborn. Aquarius is independent, and while rebellion is sometimes seen as one of their weaknesses, it’s this very quality that will prove to be one of the most positive aspects of this Lunar event. It’s about embracing the balance that comes from being reunited with our Divine Feminine or Masculine counterpart. But, this can only occur when we realize that we are stronger together than we are by ourselves. Its true. The Divine Feminine will embrace her other half, showing him compassion and love, as he stands up for her, protecting her heart and dreams—together they will change the entire vibration of love. Let this happen.

Conversely, Another underlying theme in this New Moon is about how we deal with loneliness and being alone. Aquarius likes its space but with Venus square to Saturn, some may feel unsupported by loved ones, especially if you are looking to go in a significantly new direction. Remember though, loneliness and being alone are two very different things. During this moon, important aspects of Venus, the planet of love, Mars, the planet of drive, and Saturn, the planet of rigidity, are strongly influencing our emotions and also are triggering those who are in touch with their Divine Feminine and Masculine qualities to be an example of what balance looks like. This is a time to allow  ourselves the space to love. Each other, and ourselves. Happy New Moon.

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