Daily Oracle Card Reading #3

The Enchanted Map Oracle Card Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

  • # 5 Goblins

Fear is an illusion. Choose love today. Forgive yourself and others.


Goblins are born when you are wounded and something essential lost in the experience. From that point on, as you forget your wholeness, they remain with you in the shadows. There, they remind you of what bought them into being, by mimicking your own voice tricking you into believing that you are unworthy, victimized, or unlovable. They hold you hostage through low self worth, self sabotage, and the feeling that you’re lacking what you need.

If Goblins pay you a visit, know that they represent the shadow of your own self or someone else’s, and that they’re leading you into a potentially reactive situation. A Goblins card’s appearance is an opportunity for growth, however, and a signal that you must love yourself. No human is without flaws. The Goblin’s message is that you must release resentments and negative self talk. Within you is the spark of the Divine. Ask Spirit to help heal you. Miracles can and do happen. Let go of the negativity.



It’s often difficult to deal with someone else’s issues, because they impact your own. NO one is perfect but in this case you’re particularly vulnerable to being manipulated. Don’t take this world personally. When the Goblins card arrives reversed, it’s a sign to step back with detachment. Don’t let other people’s stuff lead you into reacting from an old wound. Love yourself unconditionally. Set boundaries and your Goblins will fall asleep. Love is the only answer.

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