The Power of Smudging

I like this. The only thing that I would do differently is keep all windows and doors closed until AFTER smudging the area.

Om Shanti Wellness Center


Smudging originates in Native American practices, as the act of purifying a room or space with the smoke of sacred herbs as a means of clearing negative energy. But, smudging isn’t only for spaces; it’s also about clearing your body, mind, and spirit to rid of any negativity or pessimism that are compromising your energy and wellbeing.

Smudging is scientifically-proven to release negative ions to which research has proven to be linked to release positive mood receptors in humans. By burning healing herbs and wafting the incense-like smoke around, it’s believed to encourage feelings of wellness and positivity.

The science of smudging is strong, with healers and experts alike asserting that positive ions, and their by-product, free radicals, in the air are unhealthy and polluting to the human body, mind, and spirit.

The art of smudging is administered with the use of smudge bowl and sacred herbs directly lit of…

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