Blog Directory & Like Mindedness

maxresdefaultFor a long time I was the ONLY person that I knew that was about that occult life. Over the years, a trend has formed and more and more folks are attempting to understand Paganism, Witchcraft and Mysticism.

To that point, there are several blog directories out on the web. Sadly, many of them have outdated info. Many of the directories aimed at the occult communities list blogs that are not even in operation anymore, or have veered away from the original content etc.

I recently was made aware of a newer directory named the Pagan Blog Directory. Its moderated by a kind soul named Sway. It is in its early stages and new blogs are added regularly. At the top of January this blog, Triple Moon Alchemy was added and I am so thrilled! Its important to get to know, and to surround ourselves with like minded people in order to flourish. The main stream doesn’t support our beliefs all the time. Do not get me wrong. Mainstream is not ANYTHING that I want to be. I’m just saying…

You can find the directory at

Look through it. Visit the sites listed. Get listed! Tell Sway that I sent ya!

Blessed be. Ase.

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