Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell

20161231_115238-1To sweeten someone or something to you. Hoodoo folk magick tradition. Basically the honey jar spell is about favor. To draw to you the favor of a situation, person, place, or thing. Think of the phrase, “ that boy is sweet on you girl.” When you read that, what image does that conjure? Do you think of a boy that has a crush on a girl? How does he act toward her if he is “sweet” on her? How does she act toward him knowing that she also is sweet on him? This is in essence what a honey jar spell is all about. Of course, the honey jar spell needn’t be only deployed when we want to win the romantic affection of someone. In fact, you can craft with a honey jar to sweeten anything or anyone to you. A court petition, a divorce settlement, money magick etc.

This sweetening that we seek is already present in the multiverse. Using a honey jar spell is simply caressing this energy to move in your direction. This can be achieved with sweeteners other than honey. Honey is my favorite, but you could use several kinds different sweeteners. I have heard of folks using regular cane sugar, syrup, or even candy bars as a sweetening offering. In fact, traditionalist might opt for a white saucer, sugar, and a candle in the center. I say, if it’s sweet, try it! Let me know how it worked out for you. I will stick to honey. Which reminds me, never be constrained by what you do not have to process a spell or ritual. If you want to wait to gather all that you think you need, do so. If you want to improvise and substitute some things, do that. If you have no correspondences at the time, do it anyway. Our intent is the most powerful of all the energies that we impose on a spell. Of course the curios have energy. Of course they aide the spell or ritual or whatever, but they don’t MAKE it. Have confidence in what you are doing and move on it.

Let’s continue…

Many sweetening spells are worked in a container of some sort but like I said, many folks use a saucer and no jar. I prefer a jar because I can see clearly into it. This allows me to consciously focus more energy on a particular aspect of the spell that may come to me at any given time when I gaze into the jar. Also, the jar lasts much longer than if I do the sweetening spell on an open air source. Lastly, I like jars because if you are a witch still in her broom closet, you can have a honey jar just sitting on your counter, or dresser etc and no one will be the wiser. If they know what it is, then you have nothing to worry about, because she/he is a witch too!! Lol

You can use any container that you wish. You can even use a coffee cup if that is what is available to you at the time. Use the table top if you have to! Its up to you. The spell is no less effective. It really is about you and your style and flow. As long as your intent is clear.

Recently I crafted a few honey jars for the new year. I enjoy everything about gathering the herbs, stones, and other elements that is to be place in the jars. I used many herbs this time. I used stones, I used an array of elements for their energy and meaning.


Below is a recipe if you will, of how to put together and work a honey jar spell. Feel free to add on and take away whatever you see fit to. You do not HAVE to use a candle if you don’t have one, or if you don’t want to. In fact some old school ways of doing sweetening spells made it impossible to even place a candle atop of the vessel that held the sweetener. This tells us that it is not necessary. As times change, so do elements of magick. New technologies, and new inventions etc. bring new or varied ways of performing certain workings. This one is no exception.

Gather a jar with a lid.

  • Honey or whatever sweetener you prefer

  • A piece of natural paper

  • A pencil or a pen

  • Herbs that have the energetic flow of what you want to conjure

  • Candle (s) with the appropriate color energy

  • Candle dressing oil

Optional: chewed on chewing gum, curios, finger nails, hair, menstrual blood etc. *NOTE: if you have no idea why someone would use these optional items chances are you shouldn’t use them. If you’re curious, do some research into bodily concerns regarding magick.

The formulaTake Your piece of paper. Tear the paper so that it is small but not tiny. If sweetening a particular person towards you then write the person’s name on the paper. If sweetening certain “forces” toward yourself, write your name and the attributes that you wish to sweeten your way. This is a good time to do a crossover and cover if you wish. Which is to say, your name written atop of person that you wish to sweeten toward yourself. Draw an unending circle around what you have just written. Lifting your pencil only after the circle is complete.

Fold the paper. Speak your petition aloud. Fold the paper again. Speak your petition aloud again. Do this three times. Pour the honey or sugar or whatever into the jar leaving a small space so that when your items go in, the honey doesn’t spill down the sides of the jar. Taste a bit of the honey and recite three times, “ as this honey is sweet to me so will love [money, the court case, health etc.] drawn be.”  Repeat this incantation 3 times. Add in all the items that you have ready to go into the spell. Many folks wish to breathe three of their breaths into the jar at this time. It is yet another way to enclose your own energy into the jar to further the spell. After you do that, place the lid tightly onto the jar. Sit with the jar in your hands. Spend a moment meditating on your intentions and all the goodness that you just did. Dress your candle with appropriate oil and place it atop the jar lid. Clean up your area. Place your jar on your altar or wherever you choose. Light the candle. Let it burn all the way out. If for some reason you must extinguish the candle before it burns out, do so by licking your fingers and smashing the wick between your fingers. Alternatively you can use a snuffer if you have one. Never blow your candles out. Be sure to shake or swirl your jar in between candle lighting as to prevent stagnation.  Over the course of time I continue working my honey jars by adding another candle when one burns down. I add a new candle to burn approx three times a week or more depending. Over time, after you begin to see the results, you can space out the candle usage if you wish. That’s it!

I have found the honey jar to be very effective. I enjoy creating intention capsules as I call them. Like a crystal, they contain an immense amount of energy and intention that just keeps amplifying and amplifying and reverberating through the cosmos.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below. Share with us all the pictures of your jars and how they worked for you. Also, if you like Triple Moon Alchemy subscribe. Share the blog with your FB friends, on Twitter, on the Gram, in groups and in chats!

Until next time. Blessed be. Ase

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/mJl87u8Gn6M


10 thoughts on “Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell

    1. Hi there! I am happy that you like it. I was thinking about doing a video on it. I just wasnt sure but now that you have asked, I absolutely will. I appreciate your interest. Look out for the video next week 😉


      1. Ya….finallly its upload and i checked it out jst now…i enjoyed watching it and video gave a much clear understanding.☺🙌and thank you for considering my request for video☺..keep on adding new new spells😇


  1. I love how you teach about the honey jar, instructions, knowledge about it and the process compared to others out there. My grandmother had a molasses jar that recalled seeing through the years but I was really too young to ask about it before she passed away. Thats why I’m left to read the varying info ppl post. Yours has been the only one that resonates w me. Although I remember hers kept away, so many I’ve read say to dispose after spell is done (given days, week, after 30days etc) Why do some say to dispose right away after the spell done and some say it can be kept? Which is the proper way to determine how long to keep it before you dispose it? I rather ask you bc I really feel your knowledgeable and experienced beyond others.

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    1. Hi Beautiful! Thank you this aweaome comment. It is comforting to recall the wisdom of our grandmother’s even if we were too young to recognize the magick for what it was. Thanks for sharing. As far as how long to keep the jar goes, I say indefinitely. I have many honey jars linning my dresser and mantle. I like to look upon them as the years pass to recognize how things have manifested in mine and the lives of thoses I have blessed with the jar. There are occasions when I make small “situational” jars for sweating a thing or person towards me or mine. In those cases, after a time of working it and seeing manifestations, I will release (bury it) in the woods because I don’t want to trash it. Thats how I roll. I think its an individual thing and shouldnt affect the outcome of your workings. Remember though, if the work you are doing is protection spell work and has any element of malevolence then I suggest burying it after the work is complete. I hope I answered your question. Thank you again!🤘🏾✨

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