Triple Goddess: Maiden-Mother-Crone Part 2 The Maiden

The great Creatress. The Goddess. The Divine Feminine that seeks to create balance for us all is calling from deep within you, deep within me. She desires to remind us of our Oneness. The Triple Goddess is the three faces or even phases of our human life. She is woven into the human subconscious and our collective unconscious. Just as we experience Sun and Moon, light and dark, up and down, on and off and so on, the The Great Goddess represents the Yin energy and flow, to the Yang energy and flow. This Oneness is achieved when we decide to alter our current thought and spiritual processes and consciously incorporate Goddess into our lives.

Let’s continue along this path, learning more and understanding the three faces of the Great Goddess, this post (part 2) will plunge into the depths of the first face of the Triple Goddess, the Maiden.

In part 1 of this series we scratched the surface of understanding who the Triple Goddess is. Now, let’s look at each aspect individually.  If you have not yet read part 1, please do so before continuing on.


It is very fitting that today’s post be all about the Maiden Goddess. We are currently under the waxing moon and She, the Maiden IS the Goddess of the waxing moon! Makes me feel so aligned! Ok, let’s get into this juicy topic.


No matter our age we experience the aspects of the Goddess in our minds whenever we choose to. Learning to recognize which and when, is something I think is important. Maiden is usually depicted as youth and virginal. Maiden energy can be experienced at any life stage by anyone, male or female, at any time. The same for Mother Goddess and Crone Goddess energy.

Maiden energy is flowing when we need a breath of fresh air, mentally speaking. When it’s time to move forward and we aren’t sure which path to take Maiden energy is present. New ideas. New beginnings. The Huntress. Spring time. In the constant cyclical flow of birth, death and rebirth of all types, the Maiden is the continuing. The One who shows the way. The Virgin. Virgin not in the physical state. In this way it is meant to mean independent. It means that the Maiden belongs only to herself.

Through the eyes of the Maiden we see beauty in all things. We can see the magick in nature. On a rainy day, have you ever watched rain drop into a small puddle? Did you stare if even for a moment, to see the ripple that the drops make? Did you notice how the ripple is perfectly round and seems to dance on top of the water? The desire to pause and notice such a thing is Maiden energy at play within you. The affinity for a golden sunset and the contemplation that the experience can evoke…you guessed it, Maiden energy.

Maiden energy is represented by the color white to project newness, clarity, and purity. Maiden magick can be done simply by lighting a white candle, and meditating on the intent you wish to project into the cosmos. Get into Maiden flow when starting a new job or when you are moving to a new home. Welcome Maiden energy when a new baby comes into your life, or even when you hold someone else’s baby. Embrace the powerful creative force and newness of Maiden energy.


You can if you choose to, get a white candle. Carve along the length of the candle words that represent what you want to manifest. Light the candle and sit quietly. Close your eyes and sit with the energy and visualize the things being manifested just as you would like for them to be. Stay with the feeling, stay with the image that you see. Once you feel ready open your eyes. If you want you can leave the candle burning at this time to burn out or you can extinguish it to be lite at the next time of meditation and contemplation. *never burn candle unattended. Never burn candles near open windows or curtains. Practice safe candle magick folks!

Herbs that represent the Maiden Goddess are: wild flowers, basil, rosemary, nutmeg and vanilla.

The Maiden is known by many names across the cultures of the world. A few of them are listed here.

Artemis, Greek

Maat, Egyptian

Brigid, Ireland

Parvati and Maya, India

These are only a few. I invite you to do your own research on the Maiden Goddess in the pantheons of the world. No matter where in the world the Maiden is represented the truest archetypal frame is present. Maiden energy is alive and is hunting through our collective consciousness ready to make waste of the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us and usher us into  newness and growth.


The Keys of life are all important on this journey. The Maiden is The Keeper of Keys. Behind the doors of our inner selves lies the Divine. The Keeper of Keys has what we need to access this Divinity. We need Her energy to advance even the slightest in thought and actions. Spend some time to meditate on the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess and consciously activate Her power more regularly. Look for her when experiences arise.

I hope that this resonates with you. Do commune with the Maiden and learn more. In part 3 we will look closer into the face of the Mother Goddess aspect of the Triple Goddess. Until then, many blessings. Please comment and share your thoughts and feelings. I’d love to hear from you.


references: carl g. jung, the archetypes and the collective unconscious; jean shinoda bolean, goddesses in every woman; marija gimbutas, the language of the goddess; starhawk, the spiral dance
photo credits: infoworld;;;

10 thoughts on “Triple Goddess: Maiden-Mother-Crone Part 2 The Maiden

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. Yes, I struggle with how much detail to include lol I don’t want the posts to be too lengthy. There is sooo much to be known though. Indeed light the candle, set your intention, believe, and activate the power! Allow the Maiden Goddess to guide you. We are on this journey together.


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